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Adrenal Formula Anyone?

Anti-Plague Recipe

Herbs for Pregnancy & Childbirth

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Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water 2

Hormones Anyone?

The Skin is a Window to the Liver

Allergies & Hayfever

What are you feeding your Immune System?

Stopping Heart Attacks & Strokes

Arthritis can be eliminated

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Arthritis in Pets

Attention Focus - Attention Calm

Learning how to make your own extracts and syrups

Treating Depression Naturally

Avian Flu Fright

Boost Your Immune System

The high cost of medical care vs. the high cost of herbal medicine

Treating Children with Herbs

Cleansing is for Everyone!

Make Your Own Coconut Oil based BF&C Ointment

Trouble Sleeping?

Cleansing - why cleansing is helpful in people suffering from Depression, PMS & ADD/ADHD

Cold Tonic

The Man with 99,999 Lives

Western Botanicals Formulas

Whole Food Vitamins

Comparing the differences between Natural Healing and Conventional Medicine

Complete Tissue Formula


What's in your Herb Cabinet?

Continue Your Education

My Mom is almost a Doctor - Dr. Mom

Nasal Cleansing with Neti Pot

Winter Sickness

Erectile Dysfunction - A problem with Blood Circulation

Parent Teacher Conference for an ADD/ADHD Child

Ear Infections

Pets & Herbs

Pets & Herbs 2

Getting into Shape Relax-Eze a great multi-use formula

Immune System

Schulze Formulas compared to Western Botanicals

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