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Motorcycle Accident: I purchased Complete Bone and Tissue ointment (BF&C) this summer because I bought a season pass to the pool and was told it would work great on sunburns. I've had super quick results healing sunburns within a 24 hour period. It's most dramatic results are on the baby and 3 year old. Well I recently got to put it to the test. My husband went down on his motorcyle and the skin on one palm came right off down to the meat as well as a pretty bad scrape on his arm. He put up a little bit of a fuss when I insisted on packing a bandage with BF&C ointment and applying it to his wounds at least twice per day, but he stuck with it and by the 4th day after the accident you could see amazing healing taking place after each 24 hour period. I wish I had taken daily pictures! Nice, pretty pink skin starting coming back and it looked like someone had taken an eraser and erased the ugly scratches. Before 2 weeks, he had skin completly regrown on every wound. He told me to order more and I'm constantly finding new ways to use it! - (rdwelch 8/11/05)

We resently bought a bottle of the BF&C Conditioner. I like to use it as a face cream, my husband uses it as his hand & body lotion. We went to the beach and our son got sunburned. I had him put the BF&C Conditioner on the sunburned areas before he went to bed. When he got up in the morning the sunburn was gone. (KM 6/23/05)

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