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Parent Teacher Conference

Parent teacher conference has never been my favorite day when it comes to my son Kyle He has ADD and has really taken us for a ride throughout the years. The worst year was fourth grade. Kyle was in a behavior disorder unit since first grade and we never complied with putting him on medication. His teacher that year had other ideas and by the time February rolled around after having her call us 3 - 4 times a week to put him on medication we finally caved in. The school paid for the psychiatrist who medicated him and the teacher was present for some of the meetings with him. The teacher would keep calling us asking us to give him more, and when it got to the point that he wasn't eating or sleeping I backed off on the dosage. Then three weeks into the ordeal we had an appointment with the teacher, psychiatrist, Kyle & I. The teacher started saying that Kyle needed more medication and told the psychiatrist that I was giving him less because Kyle wasn't sleeping or eating and couldn't he give him medication for that problem? And while he was at it, she felt he needed and antidepressant as well!! I couldn't believe it - I have never met such a drug pushing teacher in my life!!! I told the psychiatrist that I had to double the amount of herbs I gave him to get him acceptable at home and couldn't imagine what we would go through if he added 2 - 3 more medications. He was shocked to find out that we were using herbs and asked what he was taking. I had him on so many I really couldn't give him a list but said I would let him know. The psychiatrist then stated that I could not have him on herbs and medication at the same time, that I would have to choose one. I wasn't about ready to take Kyle off of the herbs, so I stood up and said I choose herbs!!! The teachers mouth dropped open and out we walked, never to return again.

Kyle continued in the behavior disorder unit at school through 7th grade. It was a relief to get him out of the unit, but the next two years were quite stressful. We had to be on him constantly to keep up in school - and parent teacher conference was a nightmare!! The teachers would tell us all the things Kyle was & wasn't doing, but luckily they were helpful and worked with us. I constantly had to e-mail the teachers throughout the year, and weekly visited at least one teacher at school. Parent teacher conference got so stressful for me that the last conference Kyle had last year I didn't attend. By some strange miracle he passed all his classes last year and entered the 10th grade this year at a new school.

My husband & I went with Kyle yesterday to parent teacher conference and I was amazed at what the teachers said. "Kyle is a great kid. I love having Kyle in my class, he is so positive and brings a great spirit of positive influence to others. Kyle's behavior is great and he is never a problem. Kyle is fun to have in class" and so on. By the end of talking with 8 teachers, mine was the mouth that was on the floor....with a big smile!! He is behind in two classes, but not by much and teachers told him what to do to bring up his grade.

Some of the herbs that have been very helpful for Kyle are the following: Mindtrac, RelaxEze, Adrenal Formula, Lower Bowel Formula, Vitalerbs, Memory Plus and a B Complex. Something else that I feel has made a difference as well is therapeutic horse back riding - riding talks to his brain - he has been doing that for about a year and half. The director of the horse ranch knows that we have a Stress Buster swing machine (available at Herbs First) and encourages him to use it because the machine has the same type of movements that riding horses does for the brain, which helps with the left & right brain stimulation. I had hoped and dreamed that we would finally get to a better place with Kyle, never really thinking that it would happen. I'm grateful that we are gettiing there. Things aren't perfect yet, we are still working on issues that he has - but yesterday was a big payday for us!!! I hope that if you have a child on medication for ADD_ADHD that you will look into the natural approach.

Another small payday was this morning when Kyle came in for breakfast and on his own got out some Immune System Formula. I asked if he was sick and he said no but had a slight sore throat. We have been telling the kids for years to take the Immune System Formula for a few days when they have the symptom of something coming on and they won't get sick. It is nice to finally have one of the kids actually follow through. I like to keep the herb cabinet stocked up so that we have things when we need them, that way we can stay healthy. Cold season is well on it's way, here is a list of what I like to keep on hand for the winter season:

Immune System Formula - take at the first sign of sickness for a day or two, and when you are around sick people

Lymphatic Formula - another favorite, when symptoms have progressed and you need an infectioin fighter.

Garlic - a great infection fighter, I'll take it with either the Echinacea & Goldenseal or Lymphatic Formula along with lots of vitamin C.

Vitamin C - I prefer to do fresh orange juice all winter, usually does the trick, I do keep 1000 mg. C with bioflavinoids on hand when I need extra.

Super Garlic Immune Formula - when I have totally blown it and am really really sick this is about the only thing that will kill all the bugs for me. My 88 year old Grandmother just loves this one, takes it everyday - it is a great immune booster used in this way.

I recommend that every family have some of these great herbal formulas on hand, so that when the need arrises you are prepared.

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