Cleanse & Nourish So Your Body Can Heal

Staying Alkaline is the best way to maintain good health

    As we get older and watch more and more people around us developing degenerative diseases and dying, it furthers our resolve to do what we can to stay healthy.  Changing our diet by eating more fruits and vegetables and learning to eat the other foods correctly is going to give us the health we desire.  I found the Best Foodist website that has a free downloadable book Traci's Transformational Health Principles as well as a great recipe book, and online classes to help people learn how to make these life saving changes.  If you are looking for ways to help you to eat correctly the Best Foodist website is definitely going to become a great tool to get you where you want to be.  This is a husband and wife team who learned from the School of Natural Healing and are teaching people how to make it happen.  I ordered Traci's Transformational Kitchen Recipe Collection book and can’t wait to try some of her recipes.  She teaches you how to make many of the foods that people are used to eating, but in a healthy way by using sprouted grain flour, etc.

    Another thing that we are doing at home to help us maintain our health that I truly believe makes a big difference is drinking ionized alkaline water.  We found out about alkaline water a little over a year ago and decided that it would be another great way that we can maintain our health.  We know a few people that were quite sick that purchased the machine from us that are much healthier now.  We have a niece that comes and gets water from us and stopped getting it because she got a new refrigerator with a filter in it.  The water tasted good from the fridge so she felt that is was good.  After being off the alkaline water for a month she was having problems with swollen feet and ankles.  I dropped a gallon of alkaline water off to her and she drank the whole gallon that day, and then all night long kept having to go to the bathroom.  In the morning to her great surprise her feet and ankles were almost back to normal.  She drank the water during her pregnancy last year and the alkaline water kept her from having morning sickness.  If she drank tap water she was throwing up, when she drank alkaline water the morning sickness went away and she was fine.  The KYK Alkaline water machines are approved medical devices in Korea and Japan because of their wonderful health benefits and proven success. Our niece is now sold on the difference between filtered water and alkaline water and I know many other people that are as well.

    The average American diet is full of foods that are highly acidic and an acidic body is a diseased body.  Many common diseases caused by over-acidity are obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes and high blood pressure to name a few.  In order to avoid damaging the body these acids must be eliminated.  When there is an overload and the acids aren’t able to be carried through the system, they get stored in fat cells instead, which results in weight gain.  By increasing your body’s alkalinity you can aid your body’s natural acid elimination functions and decrease the stored acids found in the fat cells.  

    Alkaline water is very hydrating, it transports vitamins, minerals and nutrients at a much faster rate than tap water.  The benefits of drinking alkaline water are numerous, it helps slow down the aging process, it promotes weight loss, boosts the body’s immunity against disease and increases the absorption of important vitamins and minerals.  Alkaline water is a terrific supplement to everyone’s health and wellness program.   
    We have the KYK Genesis and the KYK Harmony available at Herbs First, both machines have a five (5) year warranty on them.  These are the top selling machines in Korea and are affordably priced at $1399.00 and $1199.00 - free shipping in the continental US (we will take of the shipping charges on our end) when you order from our site or order through our affiliate site for 60 day trial period. The investment is worth it to you and your family.  Every time I go to the store I see people buying cases of bottled water - water that really isn’t that much better than tap water.  With alkaline water in your home you can bottle your own water and know that what you are drinking is the best that money can buy.  

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There is a great affiliate program available for people that buy a machine, because most people love the water and want to share it with others. What a great way to help people and to create an income for yourself! Adding alkaline water into your diet is an easy way to help maintain the good health that we all desire.

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Kathryn Mechling