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Allergies & Hayfever

We are happy now that it is spring, but with spring for many comes a time of misery. Those that suffer from hayfever find spring to be not so fun time of year. I used to suffer from allergies 12 months of the year, but through the use of the herbs have it down to a few weeks a year, with light symptoms, which is much easier to live with!!! We find that we can better deal with the onslaught of floating pollen by having a clean system. The cleanse kit is an affordable way to accomplish this. It contains 4 Lower Bowel Formula, 4 Liver & Gall Bladder Formula, 2 Kidney Formula, 2 Blood Stream Formula. This is a good 2 month cleanse for most people. Starting off with the three day cleanse would really kick start things. Note that while doing this cleanse many people feel sick, but that is normal with cleaning out all the toxins. Cleaning up the diet is helpful as well, especially staying away from milk products.

My husband really has had a hard time in the past with allergies, but was amazed at how much drinking more water and the Jurassic Green helped to lessen his symptoms. We both only drink the Jurassic Green once a day, but we'll have to try it twice a day during allergy season and see what that does for us.

Immucalm is a great calming formula that will soothe the system quickly during allergy attacks. It works great for hayfever and food allergies. I like to keep the capsules in my purse, but at home I just use the powder and mix it with water. The taste is mild and it gets to work quicker in the system this way. We don't have the formula available in bulk, but it can be made from the individual bulk herbs. Take a pound of powdered Astragalus and a pound of powdered Marshmallow , mix both bags together. I'll take a heaping teaspoon and mix it in 8 oz.of water or juice and take that as many times per day as needed. Kid-e-Soothe is the same formula in liquid that can be used for kids or adults. A great little formula to have on hand.

Sinus Plus Formula is what I like to use when my nose gets way too stuffed up. It is available in capsules and extract. I keep this in my purse as well during the weeks that I suffer. I also like to use the Nose Ointment, it helps clear my nose quickly so I can breathe.

The Adrenal Formula - I seem to bring up this formula for quite a few ailments, the adrenals get quite overloaded during hayfever season. My husband likes to take 6 capsules per day of the Adrenal Formula, he finds that it has really helped him handle the season much better. We all stay on this formula, usually just one capsule a day to maintain, and then the full dosage during times of added stress.

I hope these great formulas will help you get through the allergy season.

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