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    Prepare for winter by stocking up on winter formulas.  Some of my favorites are: Immune System Formula, Lymphatic Formula, Echinacea & GoldensealGlandular System Formula & Ointment and Super Garlic Immune Formula.  I can usually avoid getting a cold which often can turn into something worse by taking the Immune System Formula along with the Lymphatic Formula.  The Lymphatic Formula helps move the toxins out of the blood stream and is a great infection fighter.  Some great formulas for children are the Kid-e-Mune & Immune Boost Syrup, both are great tasting and easy to get kids to take.  Keep winter formulas on hand so that you can take them when the need arises and avoid ever getting sick.

    Now that school has been in session for over a month how are your kids doing?  When my son was in kindergarten we knew we were in trouble when it came to school.  He was a very hyper child, and we decided to use diet to help to calm him down.  This wasn’t as hard to do as you would think, but most everyone around us didn’t like what we were doing.  We tried to educate his teacher, neighbors and family members to get them on board with what were were doing, but most people didn’t cooperate and said we were mean and too strict with his diet.  That was thirteen years ago, today people are focusing a lot more on healthy eating and are more inclined to make to the changes.

    I read the book Feed Your Kids Bright which was published in the 80’s.  Francine & Herald Prince were able to change the foods in their California school district with great results. They proved that feeding kids a nutritious diet made a huge impact on their behavior and grades.  We followed their advise of eliminating sugar, white flour products, foods with artificial colors, flavors & additives and it made a huge difference in our son’s behavior.  We rarely ate out and made all of our food from scratch.  It is amazing the difference that diet makes in kids behavior, attention & focus skills.  I find it strange that people have a hard time figuring out why so many kids have ADD/ADHD, all you need to do is look at what people are bringing home from the grocery store. 

    Diet helped my son a lot, but he still needed something more to help him in school.  You can read what we did most of the years on the Cleanse Nourish Heal site.  At the end of his junior year we started him on Western Botanicals Attention Focus Formula and I couldn’t believe the difference.  We were able to eliminate all the other supplements and was able to just use the Attention Focus Formula and continued with the diet as much as you can with a seventeen year old.  His senior year was amazing and we were thrilled to watch him graduate at the end of the school year.   I sent the formula to my sister’s teenaged kids and they remarked how much easier it was to focus and concentrate at school when they had their herbs.  Western Botanicals has also has a formula for younger kids called Attention Calm, I got some for my young nephew and his parents say he is much calmer when he has this formula.  These formulas come in capsules, as well as alcohol extract and syrup.  I love the syrups, they really taste great and are easy to get the young kids to take.

    Dr. Christopher’s main focus was always diet, and if your kids are struggling in school I hope that you will make diet changes because it really does make a difference.  I love eating whole grains and fresh fruits & vegetables.  Kids will eat these too if you aren’t bringing the other stuff into the house.  We make our own fruit smoothies and “ice cream” using fruit as the sweetener.  When you get used to eating fruits as your sweets, the stuff with sugar tastes icky sweet.  Make all your favorite cookies, cakes, etc. with whole wheat flour, just reduce the sugar and use evaporated cane juice instead of white sugar.  I love the taste of desserts with whole wheat flour and prefer them any day over sweets made with white flour.  

    Did you see Shaq’s Big Challenge this summer?  I appreciate it when celebrities do good things with their fame & money.  Shaqelle O’Neil turned his attention to childhood obesity, he chose six overweight kids in Florida and committed to helping them lose weight, get healthy, and change their lives.  He got the school to get rid of the junk food and had a chef devolop a menu of healthy foods for the same cost as the unhealthy foods.  Testing was done in the beginning and end, and they found that the kids were healthier and their grades were much improved by the end of the school year due to the change in diet. Shaqelle then went to the governor of Florida with the kids to request that PE and healthy foods be mandatory in the schools and the governor agreed to the modifications.   It was great to see the overall change in these kids self esteem, attitude and weight, and Shaq wants to get the changes implemented in all the schools around the country and I hope he succeeds.  I highly recommend his website to help families get healthy, it all begins at home and we as the adults are making the choices of the foods that come into our homes.    I also liked that they again confirmed that by eating a healthy diet the kids grades improved.  All over the country schools are taking out vending machines and  bringing in healthy foods for the kids to choose from.  Diet is the key and if we can educate the schools as well, then we can improve the health of people for generations.

Have a wonderful and healthy month.

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