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Avian Flu Fright

Avian Flu is this years alleged epidemic, what should you do?? I find it interesting that they come up with these new plagues every year, hype up the vaccination for it and then highly publicize a shortage of the vaccine. Many years ago my husband's workplace was providing free flu vaccinations, he asked me if he should get it, I said I wouldn't. He got the shot along with everyone in his department and they all came down with the flu. The next year my husband didn't get the shot, but again everyone in his department got the shot and again got the flu and my husband ended up getting the flu from them! They didn't offer it again.....hmmm I wonder why?

What people need to understand is it doesn't matter the name of the outbreak be it Avian Flu, SARS, West Nile Virus, etc. the solution is always the same. Maintain a healthy immune system and you will be immune to disease. So, how do you maintain a healthy immune system?? Well, first off eat right. We just had Halloween and now Thanksgiving & Christmas are on the way. Funny how so many people are sick in November and December. Start making the connection of eating all that sugar and what it does to your body, it has quite an effect on the immune system. In fact if you enjoy being sick just eat lots and lots of sugary foods every day, and if you enjoy staying sick just keep it up! I enjoy sugar as much as anyone, the key here is moderation. If you are looking for the ultimate diet to keep you healthy consider Dr. Christopher's Mucusless Diet, if you want to maintain optimum health eat this way. The link gives a short synopsis of the diet, for more information purchase the Mucusless Diet booklet at Herbs First. I know that it is hard to change diet, but if people will work towards a better diet and eat right the majority of the time it will make a great difference in their lives.

This time of year I start buying a larger supply of oranges and drink fresh squeezed orange juice everyday. Making this one change has made a huge difference in the health of my family and is something that everyone can easily do for theirs. Yes, it takes a little more time, but in all honesty it is very worth it! No other type of orange juice is going to do what fresh squeezed does, so take the time and your family will thank you.

Dr Christopher came up with quite a few wonderful herbal formulas that I like to keep on hand in case we start to get sick or worse yet do get sick. The key here is to recognize your early signs of getting sick and hit it hard then. It is far easier to kick it before you get it than to get over it once you have it. Usually I can thwart a cold by taking the Immune System Formula as soon as I feel symptoms. If they persist I will add Lymphatic Formula along with lots of fresh orange juice. I will take these about every two hours until the symptoms are gone. If I start to feel chest symptoms I will take the Lung & Bronchial formula as well. For those times when I end up sick I resort to taking the Anti Plague, it tastes nasty, so I work hard not to get to this point. I always have on had 2 - 3 sixteen ounce bottles of Dr. Christopher's famous Anti Plague which is now called Super Garlic Immune Formula. I like to make my own, so click on the link if you are interested in learning how to make it , or if you just want to buy it, it can be purchased at quite a discount from Herbs First. This formula has been a lifesaver for me, I have rarely needed it in the past four or five years, but before then my family would go through nearly a gallon a season. Here are a few stories about this great formula;

When my son was a toddler he was sick all winter. He would be sick for three weeks, have two days being well and back to three weeks of being sick. When a friend told me about Anti Plague I started him on a daily dose of 1 teaspoon a day when he was well. If he was sick he would get it at least six times a day. I kept this up for a year and it helped make his immune system very strong to the point that he became our healthy one. He is sixteen now and likes to eat foods with sugar, so will get sick from time to time, but won't hesitate to take the Immune System Formula, Lymphatic Formula and if he needs it lots of Anti-Plague (Super Garlic Immune Formula) .

At the time of 9-11 back in 2001 my son was in seventh grade. For some strange reason he had a teacher that kept discussing the Anthrax Scare. I had no idea this was going on until the teacher called me one day asking me to come and get my son because his chest was hurting. When I picked him up he started talking about Anthrax and what can we do if we get it? I said we have Anti Plague (Super Garlic Immune Formula), it will take care of anything. He said lets go home so I can take some. He took it and immediately felt better, the chest pain was anxiety. I had a little talk with the teacher letting him know he was scaring these young kids by talking about this problem every day. He backed off and my son was fine knowing that we had Anti Plague.

Just one more Anti Plague story, can you tell that I love this formula? I remember waking up feeling fine one day - I was supposed to go in and help with my daughter's first grade class. By about 9:30 I could feel something coming on fast and strong, I was not feeling good at all. I called the teacher and then ran to the store to get a bottle of Anti Plague (Super Garlic Immune Formula). I got home feeling quite shaky and just grabbed the bottle and went to bed. I started taking 1 tablespoon per half hour and by the time my kids got home from school I was completely better. I really feel that if I hadn't taken the Anti Plague I would have been a very sick person. This really is one formula that I hate to take, but love it because it will knock out any illness provided it is taken often.

Well, maybe just one more quick funny one. I really can't take Anti-Plague (Super Garlic Immune Formula) on an empty stomach or I throw up. One morning while getting the kids breakfast before school my throat felt sore so I decided to take a tablespoon of Anti-Plague. I hadn't eaten anything yet but took in anyway. As soon as it hit my stomach I knew I was in trouble. I quickly followed it with Ginger to try to avoid what I knew as going to happen, it didn't work and up it came. My son laughed and laughed, thought that was the funniest thing that he had ever seen! I have to tell you it is much worse coming back up than going down...ugh! This formula isn't for the weak stomached, but if you can handle it you will love it. Start kids on it when they are young, the older they get the harder it is to get them to take it.

Eat right and use the herbs so that when these epidemics come around you are secure in knowing that you can take care of it at home. Educate yourself so you can handle many situations that may arise. One of my favorite books is Dr. Mom's Healthy Living by Sandra Ellis. She is a mother of 13, a master herbalist and midwife who lectures teaches for the School of Natural Healing. She has many personal stories that you can learn from. You can buy this book, as well as Dr. Christopher's Original Herbal Formulas all at a discount at Herbs First.

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