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Making Your Own BF&C with Coconut Oil

    This past month I had a lot of fun making my own Complete Tissue Ointment with Coconut Oil being the base.  Olive Oil is what is usually used for making ointments along with beeswax, but I tend to break out with anything containing beeswax.  Coconut Oil has so many healing qualities on its own, and being that it is a solid below 75 degrees and can be easily liquified, and that it has a long shelf life to me it is the ideal oil to use.     
BFC in dehydratorliquified BF&CBFC Solid
    I bought the bulk 16 oz. bag of Christopher's BF&C Cut, you can buy it here.  I combined the herbs in my glass gallon jar and liquified a gallon of Coconut Oil and poured the oil over the herbs until the oil was about 2 inches from the top of the jar.  I put the jar in my dehydrator and set it at 95 degrees and left it there for 48 hours stirring several times a day.  After straining and squeezing the oil out of the herbs I ended up with about 90 ounces of ointment.   Both my husband and I are enjoying using it and it will be interesting to see how long it will take us to go through our new supply.   The photos show the herbs with the oil in the dehydrator, then with the herbs strained out, wow it's really dark.  The last photo is after it had solidified.  Coconut oil is clear when it is liquid and white when it is solid. 

    I wrote this several years ago - just redid a batch and ended up with 13 cups finished oil.  It takes us a good three years to go through this much ointment.  We use it all the time and I am experimenting with making lotion as well.  Good stuff!

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