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Complete Tissue & Bone Formula

My all time favorite formula has always been the Complete Tissue & Bone Formula, formerly BF&C. If you don't have this formula on hand in at least one or more of its available forms you are missing out on one of the greatest healing formulas I have ever used. Complete Tissue & Bone Formula has been a life saver for me and my family on many occasions.

Recently I missed a step while going down to my basement, I ended up falling hard onto the landing. My husband was behind me and asked me what he could do for me, I replied "get me 4 Complete Tissue & Bone capsules and a glass of water". I took that same dosage two more times in the two hours before I went to bed, my foot and wrist hurt as well as all up my spine. I was quite worried when I went to bed that I would wake up in bad shape, but in the morning I felt great.

I missed a step many years ago and I didn't take the Complete Tissue & Bone Formula because after shaking out my foot it felt okay. When I got up in the morning I couldn't put any weight on my foot whatsoever, but this wonderful formula still saved the day. I got a bottle of Complete Tissue & Bone Formula and a bottle of water and spent the day on the couch. I took 3 to 4 capsules every half hour and by the time my husband got home from work I was 100% healed, no pain, no limp, no sign of a badly sprained ankle. I wished that I had taken it the night before, but was quite pleased at the result I got with a delay in taking the formula. It took 12 capsules for healing taking it right away, with a day delay it took half a bottle. Still well worth it though vs. six to eight weeks it would normally take to heal a sprain.

Christopher's has the Complete Tissue & Bone Formula available in capsules, syrup, ointment, oil, soap, shampoo & conditioner and fizzy bath bomb. I like to have the capsules and either ointment or oil on hand because using it internally as well as externally speeds the healing. My sister is a great user of the ointment and swears by it. She had carpal tunnel problems and consistently used the ointment on her wrists and has no problems with carpal tunnel anymore. She even has gone rock wall climbing with her kids, which is something she couldn't do before she started using it. I have had several people comment on using the soap & fizzy bath bombs for their skin conditions. What a blessing to have these great healing products available.

Western Botanicals has their own version of this formula called Complete Tissue Repair, available in capsules, syrup, bulk cut & powder, oil & ointment. They have a 16 oz. jar of their Complete Tissue Repair Ointment, and I got one for my nephew who is the man with 99,999 lives. I think he has gone through a few more lives since I last wrote about him, but he is loving this ointment and uses it constantly. Deep Heat Ointment & Oil is the same as the Complete Tissue Repair ointment but with Cayenne and essential oils added to help bring the healing herbs deeper into the tissues. The Essential Skin Care is Western Botanicals newest addition and is quickly becoming a best seller among our customers.

I like to take Complete Tissue & Bone Formula for injuries, when I overwork myself, and using the ointment or oil on sore muscles, etc. Complete Tissue & Bone Formula would be a great one to use for old injuries as well, but I would plan on it taking from one to three years or more for it to happen. Most people feel the difference the first month on this formula, so just stick with it for as long as it takes using it internally as well as externally. I took it for four years to overcome arthritis and it was well worth the hundreds of bottles that I went through. I also used the Joint Formula, Jurassic Green & Dandelion, you can read my arthritis story.

We are headed to Mexico and Guatemala September 1st - 9th and I am taking a full bottle of Complete Tissue & Bone capsules as well as ointment. We have planned this trip for four years and there is no way I am going to let sore feet or an injury keep me from enjoying this trip! Please email Hollie at between Sept. 1 - 9th with any questions or problems. I may have internet access and will try to answer email during this time, but the access will be very limited.

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