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My Mom is almost a Doctor!!!

Are you the resident Dr. Mom or Dr. Dad in your home?? I'm the Dr. Mom here in our home. When my daughter was in second grade she had to write a paper about her family and one of the statements she made about me was "my Mom is almost a doctor". I got the biggest kick out of that! My kids have gotten pretty used to the fact that we take care of the majority of medical problems at home. Most of what I share here in the newsletters is my personal experiences of using herbs in my home with my family.

I have enjoyed learning from Dr. Christopher's Herb Lecture Tapes, Videos and his Books that I have received being a student at the School of Natural Healing.

Another favorite source of learning is from Sandra Ellis the author of Dr. Mom's Healthy Living - A family guide to alternative health care. Sandra is a master herbalist, microscopist, midwife and mother of 13 children and grandmother of 26. She teaches and lectures nationwide for The School of Natural Healing, and has recently been adopted into the Shahaptian Healing Way as a medicine woman.

In Dr. Mom's Healthy Living, Sandra shares her experiences in natural healing; showing you how to take responsibility for your own health through the use of diet, exercise, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, and other natural modalities. Included in the book is a Reference Guide listing many different conditions and how to take care of them naturally. This book contains over 520 pages of experiences and instruction to help you attain vibrant health and self-sufficiency.

I highly recommend Dr. Mom's Healthy Living to all of you Dr. Moms & Dr. Dads at home, or anyone in the alternative health field. I hope you will treat yourself to not only a great book of learning, but also just a great book to read!

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To purchase Dr. Christopher's Original Herbal Formulas, books, CD's & videos visit our friends at Herbs First.

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