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Treating Ear Infections Naturally

I am pretty sure that most of you have heard that doctors are recommending NOT giving antibiotics for ear infections. That is a good thing since the over prescribing of antibiotics is causing antibiotic resistant infections to run rampant in the United States and other areas around the world. The point is, how many parents can stand by and do nothing when their child is suffering and screaming in pain? I know I can't, and the doctors aren't offering any kind of a solution. Anyone reading this newsletter has a great advantage in learning about how to treat ear infections naturally, which is really one of the easiest problems to treat with either Christopher's Oil of Garlic and Ear & Nerve Formula or Western Botanicals Herbal Ear Drops.

Quite a few times I talked to the production manager at Christopher's asking if they could do an herbal ear drop with both the herbs and the oils combined. Christopher's seemed interested in the idea but nothing ever came of the request. I would combine the Oil of Garlic and Ear & Nerve Formula into a dropper bottle for easier administration.

When we first thought about adding the Western Botanicals line to the Herbs First site, one of the formulas I noticed was the Herbal Ear Drops. This formula was one of the first items I bought to have on hand for my family, and we have even used it a few times over the summer.

Everyone knows that if a child is going to get an ear infection it is going to be sometime after 10:00 p.m. and often on a Friday or Saturday night. In the past I have used both the Christopher's Oil of Garlic along with the Ear & Nerve Formula, these two formulas together can knock out an ear infection in 2 to 3 doses. Western Botanicals Herbal Ear Drops is a bit easier, because the herbs & oil are all in one bottle. Herbal Ear Drops contain Garlic bulb, Mullein leaf & flower, Lobelia herb & seed in a pure Olive Oil base. It is soothing to the ear, immediately helps with the pain and healing, and is available in 1 oz. 2 oz. and 4 oz. sizes. In all honesty unless you are treating elephants the 1 oz. size is plenty big for most families. I like to keep it in the refrigerator and then warm it up in a cup of water before using it in the ear. I would replace it once a year since it is an oil and can go rancid. Two to three doses over a two to three day period will clear up most ear infections. It doesn't hurt to do both ears to be safe. A $9.00 bottle will save most families at least $500.00 in doctors visits and antibiotics, and eliminate a lot of pain, misery and sleepless nights.

We have a new herb book available authored by one of the owners of Western Botanicals.

Herbal First Aid and Health Care: Medicine for a New Millennium, by Kyle Christensen, D.C., M.H.

The formating of this book is very similar to Dr. Christopher's writings, because the author is a student of the School of Natural Healing, and is one of the owners of Western Botanicals. This is a very informative book, very different than Dr. Christopher's Herbal Home Health Care. If you are enjoying using the Western Botanicals Formulas then this book would be a great addition to your library. Herbal First Aid is a first aid manual which describes the treatment and management of first aid emergencies and other primary and secondary care with an emphasis on the application of herbal medicine. This book includes detailed protocols in treating first aid emergencies as well as protocols for not so urgent care. Detailed instructions are provided on how to make your own potent herbal remedies at home. A chapter on growing and harvesting your own herbs is included. Clear and concise text on herbs. Covers herbal life-saving techniques, storage of herbal remedies, and ancient herbal wisdom. Quite a few of the formulas have the recipes, making this a must have book for people that like to know what is in the formulas they are taking.

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