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Hormones Anyone?

Hormones anyone??? Our bodies run on hormones and if you have ever been out of whack you may want to look into a few of Dr. Christopher's great formulas. My cycles have always been pretty regular up until the first of this year when things just didn't seem right. I hadn't been keeping track of the dates since I was always right on time, then suddenly I thought that my period came early. I started keeping track and I went from a 28 day cycle down to a 16 day cycle in two months!!! Time to do something for sure! No way does any woman want to be going through the cycle that often. I started on both the Hormonal Changease and the Female Reproductive Formula, it took a couple of months and then I was back to a regular cycle again.

The interesting part came a few weeks ago. I have quite a few friends that had gone to a local Nurse Practitioner for hormonal testing, they all found out that they were very low in progesterone & testosterone, as well as HGH and DHEA. Since we have really good health insurance I decided to go ahead and have the testing done. To my great surprise everything was right in the middle of normal range. The funny part was that I had mentioned to the Nurse Practitioner that I had been taking the Hormonal Changease and the Female Reproductive Formula and her response was that that wasn't enough. She went on to say that likely I was low and would need some of the natural products that she had. When the tests came back she was amazed at how well balanced I am. It is nice to have medical proof of how good these formulas really are.

Dr. Christopher has written quite a few newsletter pertaining to hormones in both men & women - one that I particularly like is Women's New Lease on Life available at the Herbal Legacy Website.

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