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Menopause & Andropause (Male Menopause)

A month after my mother died I had my first hot flash and all I could think was I wish I had thought to ask her about her menopause!! If you have never experienced hot flashes I can tell you it is quite an experience to have your own little furnace going at full blast all day and all night long. I found myself asking everyone, "is it hot in here or is it me"? Most often the comment was that it must be me. Luckily I knew that Hormonal Changease is what I needed. I started on Hormonal Changease and it got things under control within a few days. I have been taking it for a little over two years now, and I continue to keep at a pretty even keel taking two capsules morning and evening.

My sister had a hysterectomy five years ago and she has been using the Hormonal Changease since then. Her daily dosage is 2 capsules three times a day, and if she gets a hot flash she will take 2 capsules and it will clear up within twenty minutes. She has told her doctor how successful she has been with using Hormonal Changease and he is now recommending it to other patients. I have talked to quite a few other women that have been taking Hormonal Changease for many years, they feel that it helps them look and feel younger than their friends that take prescription hormones.

Here is what Dr. Christopher has to say about Hormonal Changease: These are natural herbal foods that are needed by both men and women of all ages. Since they are natural, the body can accept, assimilate and use those materials that are needed to produce estrogens and other hormones naturally. This formula will help assist in rebuilding the weak malfunctioning areas and help keep the organs healthy so they can supply the proper amounts of hormones and estrogens themselves. Herbs are a natural food, so they do not have "side effects" and "after effects" as are so evident in man-made and synthetic drugs.

Did you note that Dr. Christopher said that Hormonal Changease is for men and women?? Just the other night I heard a news report talking about Andropause, which is male menopause. Men's hormones get too low as well and Hormonal Changease will help bring men into a better balance as well. You can read more about Menopause and Hormonal Changease at the Herbal Legacy website.

I love having a cabinet full of herbs to choose from for any given situation. I try to keep on hand anything that I think my family can benefit from. It is far better to have bottles sitting unused, than to need a formula and not have it. We have two great catalog pages one for Christopher Formulas and the other for Western Botanicals Formulas where you can learn at a quick glance what the formulas are used for. We first added Western Botanicals for their bulk herbs, and when we found out that they had learned from Dr. Christopher we started looking at their formulas and felt that many people could benefit from their formulas. People are different and what works for one person might not work as well for another, so learn about the formulas and see what your family needs. Both companies make great products with Dr. Christopher's philosophy of using the whole herb to heal.

We sold a lot of bottles as well as sent out many sample bottles of the new Essential Skin Care lotion, we would love to hear back from you what you think. If you missed getting a free sample just request one in the special instructions box on your order, free with a $50.00 herb order.


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