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It's exciting how many people email me asking if Dr. Christopher's Formulas can be used on pets. I have treated my dog for several problems successfully with the formulas. A few years back my dog started needing to go out at night, first once a night but after a few weeks he was up to 4 or 5 times a night. This is a real wake up call!!! No fun to have to let a pet out, luckily we had no indoor problems. I had some Kidney Formula on hand so gave him a capsule. The first time I gave it to him it went down, but the next time I gave it to him I thought that it had gone down, but the next morning found it stuck to his fur. He was tricky, but I'm trickier, so I got the Kidney Formula in the glycerine extract as well as the Kid-e-Dry glycerine extract. He's a good little fighter, but I could squirt it quickly in his mouth and it didn't come back out. It did the job in a relatively short period of time, though I kept him on them for a year to make sure we took care of the problem, and it did.

Another problem he has that we are still working on is a strange bump on his leg. He has several on his body, but this one finally broke open and was quite swollen and ugly looking. I'll put the Complete Tissue Formula ointment on it from time to time, since I can't cover it and he'll rub it off on the carpet it hasn't been treated as much as I would myself or my child, but it looks much better.

I had a friend call me up one day quite upset about their sick cat. They didn't have the money for a vet visit and wanted to know if I had any ideas. All I could think of to try was Echinacea, so I put some extract in a dropper bottle and took it over. The cat was very lethargic, didn't look good at all and just laid there. They gave it to him several times that evening and by the next day they said he was much better. I saw the cat a few days later and he was back to normal. Happy ending!

Quite a few people have emailed about using the Herbal Eyebright eyewash on their pets. I would make it as directed on the website but put it in a dropper bottle and squirt it in the pets eyes 3 - 6 times a day. I would make a fresh batch every day, at the end of the day have the pet drink what is left over. Be sure to boil the dropper & bottle to kill any bacteria. One person mentioned that she was giving her dog one capsule twice a day and could see that his cataract was getting smaller.

People have emailed me about every formula in the extract form for pets from the Anti-Spasmodic for an epilectic dog to the X-Ceptic for bad infections. A lot of people really love their pets and will try anything to help them. When treating my dog I just use the formula I would use for myself in a smaller dosage. The extracts make it easy to give to them, so why not give it a try?

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