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Summer is flying by and I hope it has been a good one for you. Herbs have been a big part of my healing for a very long time and I am grateful to have most anything on hand that at need at any given time. My son Kyle is working as a counselor at a Boy Scout camp and for the second time this year has been to the Emergency Room. He was helping a scout troop with a pioneering project and log vs. fingers - fingers lost! Luckily nothing was broken and he just needed stitches for his poor ripped finger. We met him at the hospital and stayed with him until he was done and gave him a bottle of Complete Tissue Formula to help speed the healing and help with the pain. He was quite happy that I had thought to bring it and was disappointed that I didn't bring the camera!!

I love Dr. Christopher's formulas and they will always be a mainstay for my family. Did you know that there are lots of single herbs that are great to have on hand as well? The names of the formulas lead you to what they are used for, but single herbs can be quite a mystery to people. On the Dr. Christopher Ailments & Herbal Remedies CD ROM there is a section on over 150 single herbs to learn about - the CD is free with a $50.00 herb order at Herbs First- please click and order it with your order. The Dr. Christopher family is focusing more on their formulas and Herbs First continues to offer what they have available in their single line of herbs. There are so many valuable single herbs that we have added the Western Botanicals brand of single herbs which are available in vegicaps, extracts, syrups and in bulk cut, powder & whole. Western Botanicals uses only the very best organic and wildcrafted herbs available, so you can rest assured that you are getting the very best with Western Botanicals. The two owners became Herbalists & Master Herbalist from the School of Natural Healing, so their beliefs of natural healing are the same as Dr. Christopher.

I use all forms of single herbs, here are a few of my favorites:

Slippery Elm - this is one that I like to get in the bulk powder - it is a bland tasting herb and a real life saver. I use it instead of Pepto Bismol and it works great for those times when diarrhea hits. I also use it when I get acidic when the acid comes up my esophagus, luckily this is rare for me, but I had a week that I was extremely stressed out and my body reacted. What a great relief to have the Slippery Elm do it's job of calming and soothing the whole esophagus and digestive tract. The 4 oz. powder is a good size to have on hand, it comes in a nice zip lock mylar bag. I will add a heaping teaspoon to a small glass of water and take it several times a day or every half hour when things are bad - my husband adds it to juice. I also like to have the capsules on hand for the kids, because I can't get them to take the powder. Capsules are available in Christopher's & Western Botanicals.

Ginger - known to help nausea. Great for motion sickness and another use for Ginger is menstrual cramps - I could not believe the difference it has made for me using it during my period. As soon as I feel those first cramps coming on I start taking Ginger - it has changed that week from being crampy and miserable to just like any other week -I have no "down time" whatsoever. I go through half a bottle a month and it is so worth it! Capsules are available in Christopher's & Western Botanicals, and Western Botanicals extract, and bulk cut & powder for making teas etc.

Cayenne - Dr. Christopher's favorite! Keep the powder & extract on hand - Cayenne will stop a stroke, heart attack and bleeding. Also great to take on an everyday basis for circulation - it is in many of Dr. Christopher's formulas. I used it when my Grandma was having a heart attack - half an hour after taking it she said she felt like it never happened. Western Botanicals bulk powder Cayenne is available from 40,000 hu up to 380,000 hu for the very brave. Christopher's 40,000 hu extract and Western Botanicals 200,000 hu extract as well as capsules in Christopher's & Western Botanicals.

Dandelion - I used this when I had arthritis and gout, it dissolved the uric acid crystals that gave me so much misery. It is very high in calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C, you might hate it in your lawn but this one is a keeper! Capsules are available in Christopher's & Western Botanicals. Extract and bulk in Western Botanicals,

Lobelia - this is another great one that is used in many of Dr. Christopher's formulas. I use it to open up the bronchials and eustachian tubes, it works well to clear out the obstructions. An amazing herb that should be in every medicine chest. Capsules are available in Western Botanicals - Christopher's have a vinegar & alcohol extract, Western Botanicals have extract available in 1, 2 & 4 oz. sizes, as well as the bulk cut & powder.

Echinacea - I like the glycerine extract - great for a quick immune boost if you feel something coming on. I take this on our outdoor adventures mainly for my son who likes to pick up snakes. It can save your life in the case of a poisonous snake bite, drink 1 oz. every 15 min and get to the hospital. Luckily that has never happened, but when your kid is like Steve Irwin you like to plan just in case. Capsules are available in Western Botanicals, extract in Christophers & Western Botanicals, as well as bulk cut and powder in Western Botanicals.

Cranberry - if you are prone to bladder infections like the women in my family this one is a must and I always have it on hand. Use it along with the Kidney Formula and lots of water to clear out an infection. Western Botanicals has a Cranberry/Buchu combination in capsules, Buchu is a great bladder herb to aid in clearing out the infection.

Yarrow - I like to take this if I get a fever - helps get it over with faster! Get the bulk cut and make a tea or take a few capsules and go to bed - I usually wake up feeling fine. It is available in Western Botanicals capsules, extract and bulk cut & powder.

Kava Kava - I've talked about this one before, a great muscle relaxant - I only to use it at night, it puts me to sleep. This one was a great lifesaver after a car accident - I went to the Chiropractor for four months and my neck just wouldn't stay in - in spite of taking Complete Tissue Formula. When I started taking the Kava Kava at night the next morning I was remarkably better and only needed a week or two more with the Chiropractor. I take this one any time I have injured myself to help the muscles to relax so that I can heal. It is available in Western Botanicals capsules, extract and bulk cut & powder.

Comfrey - this one saved my sister's life and has been the one herb I have taken my whole life. I like to make a syrup to use anytime a sore throat hits. This one is great for the lungs and bronchials to help them stay clear of the mucus. We grew up on the alcohol extract, but when I learned how to make the glycerine syrup I quickly switched to that! Kids like it better as well. Only available in Western Botanicals bulk cut & powder due to the fact that the FDA doesn't approve of this wonderful herb. Note that it may come with a warning label, not for internal use.

Spirulina - this is one of nature's superfoods - I like to add it to my Jurassic Green. When I first got it in bulk I didn't think I could handle the taste because it smelled so bad, so I capsulized it. When I ran out of capsules I decided to be brave and give it a try. It doesn't change the taste much, so now I just add it along with all the other things that I throw in my Jurassic Green in the morning. I like to get the organic - it really gives me a boost of energy and I can even feel it in my brain. Capsules are available in Christopher's & Western Botanicals, as well as bulk powder.

Ginkgo Biloba - another one that I add to my Jurassic Green - I think everyone knows that this one is great for the brain. Available in Western Botanicals capsules, extract, and bulk powder & whole.

Garlic - I have had a lot of dental work done and my dentist keeps giving me prescriptions for antibiotics. I like to take Garlic along with the Lymphatic formula instead of the antibiotic - it is nature's antibiotic. Capsules are available in Christopher's & Western Botanicals, extract in Western Botanicals, and powder or minced in Western Botanicals.

Nettle - my hayfever got a bit crazy this summer, I usually do ok with lots of water and Immucalm, but everyone I talk to that has hayfever tells me they have had a hard time as well. Nettle has antihistamine properties and it does a really good job. I would try this one if you need something in addition to what you are doing. Capsules are available in Christopher's & Western Botanicals, extract in Western Botanicals, and powder or cut in Western Botanicals.

We hope that you will learn more about using these great single herbs. Please be sure to click and order the CD with your order, so that you can have this great resource in your home.

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