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The Skin is a Window to the Liver

Did you know that the skin is a window to the liver??? If a person has skin problems, most often they will clear up with a good liver cleanse. I woke up one morning about a month ago with eczema patches on my legs. The strange thing was that they were on both legs about 5 inches above and below my knees and that was it. Eczema is no fun thing to deal with, the dry patchy places are so itchy and when you scratch them they inflame and feel worse. Topically the Complete Tissue Formula Ointment is quite helpful, but I was quite grateful to know that I needed to work on my liver. When the liver is over-toxed, most likely other areas are as well, so I went ahead and started on the Liver Gall Bladder Formula as well as the Blood Stream Formula and Kidney Formula. I always take a small amount of the Lower Bowel Formula, so didn't bother to add it. Within the first 2 weeks the dryness went away, and now I can just barely make out the places where the excema had been. I'm sure that in the next week or so they will be entirely gone.

I was talking to some ladies at the health club I go to, both were talking about skin problems. One woman said that her's lasted seven years - she had gone to the doctor and gotten cortisone cream for it - it spread from behind her ear to many places on her body. After seven years the doctor finally told her that she should get off it, because it was such a high dose of cortisone and wasn't good for the body. The doctor told her some side effects and the poor gal was shocked and wanted off right away. I didn't get to hear what happened then, but a shame to think it could have been cleared up within a few months instead of spreading, etc. The other gal mentioned that she had a rash for the past 3 months and was on cortisone cream, I mentioned that skin problems point to liver problems, but to work on the kidneys and blood as well, and then she said that she had just been to an acupuncturist that told her she had both liver & kidney problems!!!! It made me feel good to be right on target, so with two people telling her the same thing, hopefully she'll get to work on it.

On an other occation a few years back my daughter spent about 4 days with a friend in the summer. I picked her up at night and she mentioned she had a weird rash on her face. Being dark I couldn't see it and she said here, feel it. I felt her face and was agast at what I felt. She had the kind of acne that stays under the skin - bumpy all over her entire face!!! I was quite mortified because as a teenager I had a friend that had this kind of acne and it never cleared. I asked my daughter what she had been eating and she said, you know that no one eats good food like we do - we just ate junk the whole time. Amazing that the junk had so quickly junked up her face. We put her on the Liver Gall Bladder Formula and within 4 days it was all cleared up!!! A very happy ending, and proof to me that diet really does make a difference.

Cleansing should help other skin problems as well....remember that a good diet maintains the good health that we are all striving for..

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