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Summer Injuries

The kids are all out of school and if they are anything like mine are already saying I'm bored. I have lots of plans to keep them busy, and I'm sure you do too!

Some of the outdoor activities that most kids like to do is biking, skateboarding, skating and roller blading. Ask any emergency room staff what the most common injury is in conjunction with these activities and it is head injuries and broken bones. One of the best ways to prevent these injuries is the use of helmets and protective gear. Back when I was a kid helmets were not available, but nowadays they are easily obtainable and affordable....parents need to make it known to the kids that they can't do any of these activities unless they are protected. It is well worth the hassle to wear them than to have to deal with the outcome of a bad fall to the head, or a summer of no swimming due to wearing a cast.

A great formula to have on hand for injuries is the Complete Tissue & Bone Formula both capsules and ointment. If we did face an unfortunate head injury I would do the BF&C Fomentation on the head as explained at the Herbal Legacy website, as well as using the Nerve Formula extract down the neck and take the Relax-Eze to work on any nerve damage. The BF&C formula is the bulk version of Complete Tissue & Bone Formula with Comfrey to aid in the healing. For broken bones I would take the capsules or the syrup internally. I've healed a badly sprained ankle in 8 hours, by taking 4 capsules every hour - that beats being laid up for days on end. My niece broke her toe recently and had no capsules but slathered on the ointment and wrapped the toe. She was amazed at how quickly it took down the swelling, bruising and pain, and she could actually feel the bone moving into place and healing. The Complete Tissue Ointment is great for burns, cuts bruises etc., and the great thing is not only does it heal often without a scar, but also helps with the pain. I burned my hand one day and instantly had several blisters, I put a large dab of ointment on each blister and wrapped my hand. The pain subsided in about ten minutes, and when I took off the bandage six hours later I couldn't tell where the burns had been. The Complete Tissue Oil is great for sunburn, deals with the pain as well as a quick healing. Sunburn is preventable, so use sunscreen, at least SPF 15, I usually go for the 30. Apply every 2 - 3 hours when swimming. The new BF&C Conditioner is now my new favorite for sunburn - it is a base of Aloe Vera Gel, essential oils and the BF&C formula in a nice creamy lotion. Don't be fooled by the fact that this is a hair conditioner, I've been using it as a hand a face cream and find it to the the best all natural lotion I have ever used.

Bug bites can be rather bothersome, try taking Cayenne and Garlic internally to ward them off. I like to take the Immucalm if I do get bitten, it helps calm down the itching. Apply the Stings & Bites Ointment to the bites, it helps to draw out the poison, this is plantain ointment, if you are in the away from home look for a Plantain plant in the grass, chew it up and then apply it to the bites. For snake bites carry a bottle of Echinacea with you and in the event of a bite drink down half the bottle and then 15 min. later the other half, and of course get medical help as quickly as possible. Talk to kids about snakes, when they watch Crocodile Hunter or Jeff Corwins Adventure on Animal Planet they just think that they can go out and catch the snakes too. Recently a group of eight year old boys were handling a baby rattlesnake - they thought it was a garden snake. One boy did get bit, and luckily got medical attention quickly, but poisonous snake bites can be deadly, so teach your kids which snakes are safe to handle and which ones to stay away from.

I know several people that constantly have problems with poison ivy and poison oak . They have found the best thing to do is wear long sleeves and gloves while mowing the lawn, and alway wash throughly and change clothes after working in the yard. There are two great ointment for poison ivy and oak, the Rash Ointment and Itch Ointment. A great internal herb is Licorice Root either in capsules or extract which are high in natural cortisone or try the Immucalm which will calm down the reaction.

Another preventable summer related problem is heat exhaustion and heat stroke. The easiest way to avoid heat disorders is to keep your body well hydrated. This means drinking plenty of water before, during and after exposure to the elements. Wear light colored, loose fitting clothing to help your body in cooling itself down naturally. I always wear a hat when I'm out in the sun. I had heat exhaustion at age 19 and am now always more sensitive to the heat. When it is really hot I will wet down my hat to ensure that I keep cool. Most important if you feel yourself getting too hot or lightheaded get out of the sun immediately, drink lots of water, pat yourself down with water, etc.

Overall the best way to enjoy summer is to plan ahead for the activities you are going to participate in. Prevention goes a long way in making the summer safe and fun.

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