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Treating Children with Herbs

Every parent knows that kids always get ear infections at night and usually on weekend. Long before we found out how to treat the ears with herbs, we spent many a restless night with our kids waiting until morning to head to the doctor to get a prescription for an antibiotic. The amazing thing is that for less than the cost of an antibiotic a person can have enough oil and herbs to treat the ears of their entire family for a year. Better yet, you can have it when you need it, plus you save the cost of seeing the doctor!!! Antibiotics take quite a few days to take effect, so the child ends up being in pain and miserable for that time. Treating the ears with a few drops of Oil of Garlic followed by the Dr. Christopher's Ear & Nerve Formula will immediately start the healing and deal with the pain. The experience that we have had is between two to four treatments takes care of the problem, I treat morning and night putting a cotton ball in the ear after the drops. One of my favorite gifts to give at a baby shower is the ear formulas.

Another one to try if you don't happen to have the two above on hand is Dr. Christopher's Glandular Massage Oil which contains Mullein & Lobelia. These two herbs together are a great way to treat the ears, and the olive oil will be soothing . I would also rub the Glandular Massage Oil down the side of the neck from the ear to treat the glands involved. Replace the oils every year or so, as they do go bad after a while. Dr. Christopher's Ear & Nerve formula will last indefinitely due to the alcohol content in the formula. Learn more about treating ear problems at the Herbal Legacy website by clicking on deafness.

Dr. Christopher's Kid-e-Line of children's extracts are great to have on hand for children that are too young to swallow capsules. They are great tasting and are what I use to treat my dog as well as my kids when they were young.

Kid-e-Calc, herbal calcium formula: Apple cider vinegar, Horsetail, Nettle, Oatstraw, and Lobelia in a glycerine base with natural flavoring. A natural source of calcium and silica, essential for proper formation of bones, nerves and teeth.

Kid-e-Col, a must have for colic & teething, contains: Catnip and Fennel.

Kid-e-Dry, bedwetting & incontinence: White pond lily, Slippery Elm, Hydrangea root, Corn silk, Parsley, Lobelia and Catnip in a glycerine base extract with natural flavoring.

Kid-e-Mins are the ultimate whole-food formula vitamins for children. They are perfectly balanced with vitamins and minerals the way mother nature intended. Contains: Jurassic green (Alfalfa, Barley, and Kamut), Kelp, Dandelion root, Purple dulse, Spirulina, Irish moss, Rose hips, Beet root, Nutritional yeast, Blue violet, Oatstraw, Carrot juice, and Ginger in a glycerine base with natural flavors.

Kid-e-Mune, immune stimulant formula, give at the first sign of illness to boost the immune system. Contains: Echinacea angustifolia root.

Kid-e-Reg, bowel tonic to strengthen and cleanse the colon. Contains: Barberry Bark, Cascara Sagrada Bark, Cayenne, Ginger, Lobelia, Red Raspberry Leaves, Turkey Rhubarb Root, Fennel, Golden Seal Root, and Fig syrup in a glycerine base with natural Anise flavoring.

Kid-e-Soothe, cold and flu formula assists the body's ability to combat congestion and fever. Contains: Astragalas and Marshmallow.

Kid-e-Trac, children's version of Mindtrac for anxiety, depression and hyperactivity. Great to have on hand for the terrible two's. Contains: Valerian root, Scullcap, Ginkgo, Oregon grape root, St. John's wort, Mullein, Gotu kola, Sarsaparilla, Dandelion, Lobelia, and Jurassic green (Alfalfa, Barley and Kamut), in a glycerine base with cherry flavoring.

Kid-e-Well, Mildly stimulating to the immune system to allow your child to naturally combat colds & flu. A great aid for relaxing and calming the nerves during the healing process. Contains: Yarrow, Elder flowers, Peppermint and Echinacea in a glycerine base.

As you can see there are many herbal formulas to keep your young children healthy, and avoid those expenisive trips to the doctor's office. Save yourself money, by having the herbs on hand for your kids when you need them.

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To purchase Dr. Christopher's Original Herbal Formulas, books, CD's & videos visit our friends at Herbs First.

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