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Introducing Western Botanicals Formulas

We love Dr. Christopher's formulas and know that many people rely on this great line of herbs for their health and wellness. Last month we talked about Western Botanicals single herbs that we have the on our site. Western Botanicals is a great addition to the Dr. Christopher line of herbs, they also have a very extensive line of formulas. Over the summer we have debated if we should add their formulas to the Herbs First website. My first thought when I looked through the formulas that they offer is that they fill in a gap of formulas not available in the Dr. Christopher line of herbs. You will find that some of the formulas are similar to Dr. Christopher's because the owners of Western Botanicals learned from Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing. Western Botanicals uses only the very best organic and wildcrafted herbs available, so you can rest assured that you are getting the very best herbal product available. Here are some that we have tried.

Attention Focus - I gave Attention Focus to my son Kyle the last week of school in May. He was failing math because the lowest grade to pass is 70% and he was at 68%. He had a test to take and when he came home he said he got 96% on the test. I asked him how he did so well, and he said he got into class and listened really carefully to the teacher as he explained all of the math formulas and then took the test. This is the boy that we have had taking a handful of herbs twice a day for years on end. It will be interesting to see what taking just this one formula will do for him. Attention Focus is available in vegicaps, alcohol extract and glycerine syrup.

Attention Calm - we have been giving this one to our little 3 year old nephew that has been living with us all summer. I have seen a noticeable difference in him using Attention Calm vs. Kid-e-Trac and plan on trying the Attention Focus for him as well. I love having other choices for attention problems and really feel that both Attention Focus & Attention Calm are a great addition to the Herbs First website. Attention Calm is available in vegicaps, alcohol extract and glycerine syrup.


Bountiful Blend - 61 fruits, vegetables, vitamin-rich greens, sea vegetables, healthy berries, natural food concentrates, medicinal herbs and spices all in one great tasting, vitamin rich, nutritional drink. A great nutritional drink to start kids out on because it tastes so good and fruity. Available in powder & single serving packets. If you have a hard time with other nutritional drinks I think you'll like Bountiful Blend.


Earth's Nutrition - Many people have written asking if we have Dr. Schulze's Superfood - Schulze was another student of Dr. Christopher who has gone on to bless many people's lives with his own formulas. Western Botanicals has put together Earth's Nutrition that has the same great nutrients in it as Superfood, for a more affordable price. It is available in 14 oz. powder or capsules. If you are a follower of Schulze and are tired of the high pricing switch to Western Botanicals Formulas available only at Herbs First.

Headache Formula & Pain Relief Formula - I have a niece & nephew that suffer from chronic headaches and pain. They have found both of these formulas to be far superior to any other herbal product they have tried. If taken at the onset of the incident, it doesn't progress and if there is progression, it's much milder (an annoying headache instead of a disabling migraine) than without the herbs. Headache formula is available in vegicaps or alcohol extract. Pain Relief Formula is available in vegicaps & alcohol extract.

Herbal Ear Drops - this formula has the Garlic Oil and herbs together, much easier to administer for those midnight ear infections. This is a formula that should be in every home. A $9.00 bottle will save most families at least $500.00 in doctor visits. Available in oil.


Herbal Eyewash Formula with Cayenne or without Cayenne - I can't tell you how many people have asked if Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eyebright formula comes without Cayenne - it doesn't. I was pretty excited to see that Western Botanicals Herbal Eyewash comes with or without Cayenne. I had been adding Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eyebright formula to my eyedrops for quite a few years. I have extremely dry eyes and use eyedrops constantly. I could only handle 3 drops of Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eyebright added to a 1 oz. bottle of eyedrops. I can add a dropperful of Western Botanicals Herbal Eyewash without Cayenne to a bottle of eyedrops. I can really notice a difference in my vision with being able to add a larger amount of the herbs to my drops and it is very soothing to my eyes. I'm pretty busy and don't get the time to make an eyewash as often as I would like to, so it has been pretty convenient to add it to my eyedrops. Available in alcohol extract.

Immune Boost Syrup - another one we have tried on our 3 year old nephew - Echinacea angustifolia root, Echinacea purpurea root, Eleuthero root, Garlic bulb, Cat's Claw inner bark, Pau d' Arco inner bark, Habanero Cayenne pepper in a base of maple syrup, - this formula works wonders with the Immune System. Little kids are always picking up colds from friends so it is best to have something at hand for those times when they are exposed to germs. Immune Boost Syrup tastes great and is easy to get the little ones to take. Immune Boost is available in vegicaps, alcohol extract and syrup.

Allergy Formula & Sinus Allergy Formula - I usually do pretty well with my hayfever with drinking lots of water and an occasional dose of Immucalm, but this summer was crazy! The Allergy Formula & Sinus Allergy Formulas are great for allergies. I found that the Sinus Allergy Formula acts like Christopher's Immucalm & Sinus Plus all in one capsule. I could take either of the Western Botanicals allergy formulas and have my symptoms quickly under control. I can highly recommend these for any allergy sufferers. Western Botanicals Allergy Formula is available in vegicaps & syrup, Sinus Allergy in vegicaps & alcohol extract.

Sweet Dreams - I am always on the lookout for a sleep formula, Christopher's Slumber keeps me awake which is what I find with most herbal sleep formulas. Relax-Eze, Mindtrac and Kava Kava work well for me and now I can add Sweet Dreams as one that I am happy to say helps me get to sleep. I have to change what I take every so often or my body won't respond, so I'm happy to find another great formula that works. Sweet Dreams is available in vegicaps and alcohol extract.

Weightloss Formula - my biggest problem with weightloss formulas it that I am not constant with taking them as directed - and they don't work if they are just sitting on the shelf! At any rate, I do notice when I use Western Botanicals Weightloss Formula my sugar cravings are gone as well as the hunger. Weightloss Formula is available in vegicaps & alcohol extract.

Looking back over the above list we have tried quite a few Western Botanicals formulas in my family this summer. The things I like about Western Botanicals is:

I hope that you will take the opportunity to see if Western Botanicals formulas will fill a need in your life. I will continue to take the many Christopher formulas that I have grown to love, but I am now enjoying using the Western Botanicals formulas that fill in the gap.

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