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Who would have thought chocolate could be so healthy?

Have you heard the reports lately about dark chocolate being healthy? Whenever I would hear this I was thinking what will they think of next? I know sugar isn't healthy, so how can chocolate be healthy when it has sugar in it? I kept bumping into a neighbor and she kept mentioning healthy chocolate, so I did a pretty good job of not getting into the conversation. My niece Hollie agreed to go to a meeting with the neighbor, so I tagged along to protect her from what I felt was a network marketing company. I sat through the presentation and was totally amazed by the information that was presented about dark chocolate.

I learned about ORAC value, which is the oxygen radical absorbance capacity of any food to subdue oxygen free radicals, (or a foods ability to stop disease). The US Department of Agriculture was able to determine the antioxidant capability of each food. The USDA came up with a minimum 3000 ORAC in order to stay healthy, for optimum health the daily suggestion is 12,000 ORAC. It would take quite a lot of raw fruits and vegetables in a day to get up to 12000 ORAC, in fact it would be impossible to eat that much food in a day! A cup of oranges has 750 and strawberries 1540 ORAC, and at the top of the list is dark chocolate at 13000, acai berry at 18500 and unprocessed cocoa powder 26000 ORAC!!! Unprocessed cocoa powder is higher in antioxidants than any raw fruit or vegetable on this planet, amazing information.

Here are just a few health benefits from eating Dark Chocolate, and please note that the claims below are all backed up by valid clinical studies:

Brunswick Labs tested the chocolate products from MXI and these products rated higher than any other health drink on the market including Young Berry Juice, Xango, Tahitian Noni and Himalayan Gogi (comparison charts are available on the links). MXI's products called Xocai (pronounced Show Sigh) is the best unprocessed cocoa product on the market today. Xocai chocolate nuggets are 70% unprocessed cocoa compared to Dove's 15% cocoa that is processed and full of bad sugar and wax. Xocai Nuggets are packed with antioxidants and blended with the Acai berry and blueberries. Typically, most health benefits in chocolate candy bars are lost during the manufacturing process. MXI's patented-method preserves antioxidants during the manufacturing process. No other chocolate can give you the nutritional value Xocai Nuggets provide. There is no caffeine in Xocai chocolates, the ingredient that gives you energy in Xocai is theobromine. I went to the store to look for chocolate and even though I found some that were 70% cocoa, none of them are unprocessed and all of them were at least 15 grams of sugar and full of fat, preservatives and other additives. Many had corn syrup that is linked to obesity and other health problems.

The University of Utah has chosen the Xocai Chocolate for their newest cardiovascular study beginning in October. They will be conducting a three month study and a year long study on these products exclusively because of the high ORAC Value and quality of these unprocessed products.

The first thing I noticed when I ate the Xocai nuggets was that it decreased my appetite, took away my sugar cravings and gave me more energy. My brain is more alert and I am thinking clearer. Xocai has a drink that I take first thing in the morning before I do my workout and I find that I have so much more endurance to get through my workout. I have been exercising on a regular basis for years and honestly every day it is hard. Since I started drinking the Xocai chocolate before the workout I can work harder and longer, and even when I stop I feel like I could do more. By mid afternoon I am usually ready to crash, but since I have been eating the chocolate I can keep on going and get all of my work done. I'm amazed at how much better I feel after such a short time eating the chocolate, and look forward to losing some weight and maintaining my good health for many years to come.

There is really so much information available that instead of telling you more I will give you the best websites to learn from. Dr. Steve Warren's site - immensely informative and will help you understand all the nutrition and science about chocolate.

Learn more about Xocai and business opportunity at Chocolate Wellness.

At the Chocolate Wellness site you can purchase the products by signing up as a distributor for the best prices, or as a preferred customer at a discounted price. Please put in 10157 as the sponsoring distributor number. There is a great income/business opportunity for people who wish to share the health benefits of Xocai with others. Normally I wouldn't want to be involved in network marketing, but this company has set things up right to make it easy to stay healthy and earn an additional income. We have people willing to come and do presentations to groups of ten or more in your area. Email me and I will be happy to help you set this up.

Note, that it is still important to eat right - this chocolate is not taking the place of your good diet, herbs & vitamins, but adding to it to make it even better. I hope you will take the time to learn more from the websites. There is cheaper chocolate out there, but if you want the best then you have found it.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have - please email me your phone number and best time to contact you (need your time zone), and I will set up a conference call.


Best Regards,

Kathryn Mechling

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