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Adrenal Formula Anyone?

Have you wondered what the Adrenal Formula is for.....and how do you know you need it? I think the best way to describe the person that may be in need of is - a person that is burning the candle at both ends, or just running on adrenaline. We went on vacation this year, a 10 day tour. I've never been on a tour before, but knew that we would be on their schedule. I really got whammied, first by the flight and jet lag, and then 10 days of travel by bus - I was worn out the whole trip. We got back home and my head felt like it was still on the bus. I started looking through the website to figure out what to do for this strange symptom and came up with Relax-Eze for vertigo. After being home for 10 days I was still "on the bus" and about to go crazy. I started conversing with myself and the thought came to try the Adrenal Formula - when I thought about it, I decided that wasn't a bad idea. Bingo!! It did the job - I was no longer "on the bus", what a relief, 20 days is a long time!!!

My 87 year old grandmother lives with us. Lately she has been sleeping much of the time, which is what older people do, but I decided that the Adrenal Formula really helped me, maybe it would help her as well. She started taking it and is now back to a more normal schedule of being awake longer than she sleeps.

Last Sunday we couldn't wake our 16 year old daughter, she's been going going going all summer, and like most teenagers not eating right. School started on the 20th which ended her late sleeping schedule and she was totally exhausted. Her body knew what she needed and she totally crashed. I now make her fruit smoothies in the morning and add the Adrenal Formula to it.

Here's what Dr. Christopher said about the adrenals:

"The adrenal glands, seated on top of each kidney, are part of the endocrine system, that is: the internally secreting or ductless glands which release their secretions directly into the blood stream. The adrenals, often referred to as the suprarenal, are the Creator's most intricate chemical factories. "It would take acres of chemical plants" to synthetically manufacture "the 50 odd hormones or hormone-like substances" produced by the adrenal glands. (Ratcliff, 1975, p. 69) Not only do these hormones control all the oxidation processes of the human body through the anterior pituitary body, but they regulate growth, mental balance, sexual development and maintenance, and a host of other phenomena... The adrenals, the pituitary, and the thyroid are functionally united comprising the adrenal system. THE ADRENALS ARE ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL TO LIFE."

I was amazed at how quickly the Adrenal Formula got me "off the bus". These formulas are fantastic. I'm definitely adding the Adrenal Formula to my herb list to take on vacations.

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