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All living things need water to live, people can live without eating for many days longer than they can live without water. Without water, your body would stop working properly. Water makes up more than 80% of your body, and a person cannot survive for more than a few days without it. Blood, which contains a lot of water, carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body. Without oxygen and nutrients, the cells would die and your body would stop working. Water is also in the lymph, a fluid that is part of the immune system, which helps to fight off illness. We need water to digest food and to get rid of waste. Water is the main ingredient in perspiration, which is a great way to get rid of toxins from the body.

People are taking notice of the importance of water, just look at the pallets and pallets of water for sale at the grocery stores, in vending machines and restaurants. People want good water. Unfortunately this bottled water isn't always as good as we think it is. If we are going to pay for water shouldn't it be the best money can buy?

A few months ago I learned about alkaline water made with ionic water filtering machines. These machines are approved medical devices in Korea and Japan because of their wonderful health benefits and proven success. Therapy using both alkaline water internally and acidic water externally has been recognized as a valid medical treatment in Japan since the 1960's, and it is practiced in many of Japan's and Korea's leading hospitals. I have viewed videos about using the acidic water to cure many skin diseases, gangrene, as well as using it agriculturally instead of pesticides. Dr. Theodore Baroody, author of "Alkalize or Die" states, "I have administered over 5000 gallons of this water for about every health situation imaginable. I feel that restructured alkaline water can benefit everyone.

All illness stems from the same root cause, too much acid in the body. Viruses, fungi, and bacteria can only survive in an acidic environment. If you change your internal environment, you eliminate the ability for these enemies to deplete your health. Alkaline water is a very large piece of the puzzle in creating an inner terrain where disease and illness cannot flourish.

With water being such a vital key to our existence, wouldn't you rather drink water that oxygenates, detoxifies and alkalizes the body while enhancing the immune system? Amazingly due to the way this water is processed it creates antioxidants. A glass of this ionized alkaline water has the same amount of antioxidants as a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice! Prevention is the best cure, and drinking ionized alkaline water creates an environment in the body where cancer and other debilitating diseases cannot thrive.

The first machine that I heard about was the Kangan which sells for about four thousand dollars! This company is a multilevel marketing company and most of the cost of the machine is paid out to eight levels of people. Kangan has a lot of great information about drinking alkaline water, but I knew there had to be a high quality water ionizer where you could pay for the products and not all the people.

What I found to be the best water ionizing machine is the KYK Harmony Water Ionizer. A PH testing kit comes with the machine and I tested soft drinks which are very acidic and found that it takes 32 oz. of alkaline water to make 1 oz. of a soft drink alkaline. In other words, you would have to drink three gallons of alkaline water to undo the damage of one 12 oz. can of soda! Most bottled waters were slightly acidic or neutral, so if you want the best water available you would want to get a water ionizer.

KYK Harmony Water Ionizer

The KYK Harmony Water Ionizer sells for only $1199.00 with free shipping to the Continental USA. I have been drinking the alkaline water for two months and after the first month my chronic cystitis cleared up! (Cystitis is a low grade bladder infection that I have been trying to clear up for over 10 years. You can't imagine how good it feels to feel good.) I have quite a few people coming to get water from me. If you live in the Orem Utah area and would like to try the water email me, I will be happy to share some water with you. A few comments that people have made to me in the past week have been: "I have been sleeping better since drinking the water", "this water is smoother, I can drink it faster and more of it". "This water melts in your mouth!" I can't wait to see what this water is going to do for me and my family over a long period of time. Creating a more alkaline internal environment is going to make a huge difference in our health for now and for years to come.

There is a great affiliate program available for people that buy a machine, because most people love the water and want to share it with others. What a great way to help people and to create an income for yourself! Adding alkaline water into your diet is an easy way to help maintain the good health that we all desire.

Please email me if you have further questions that aren't answered by the links.

Have a great month.

Kathryn Mechling

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