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Arthritis in Pets

We have quite a following who like to use Dr. Christopher's formulas for their pets. I treat my pets the same way that I would myself. The below story is a great healing story on arthritis, you can read more recommendations on Herbal Legacy's page for Arthritis. We use the Herbal Legacy site for education due to the fact that the FDA does not allow websites to educate people about the use of herbs if they sell them. Please feel free to email me if you need help finding information. We also have the Ailments CD available free with a $50.00 herb order, please be sure to add it to your order. The CD has a section on Ailments, Herbal Remedies as well as the use of Single Herbs. This is a great learning tool, as well as the books, CD's and videos that we have available at Herbs First.

I thought everyone would enjoy hearing about the success that Regina has had in treating her dog in just five months on an herbal program for arthritis.

"Kathryn, I thought you would be interested in knowing this. Do you remember our conversation regarding my dog with bad arthritis and luxated patellas? I think the last time we spoke I mentioned that my dog could no longer get up and down stairs (he couldn't even jump up on a 4" high stoop) and he could put absolutely NO weight on his back legs at all. My holistic vet was at a loss to help him anymore - we tried everything and nothing seemed to help. We even tried bee venom injections.

Update: I have him on the the herbs that Dr. Christopher recommended for arthritis and he is a new dog. For his arthritis I have him on the BF&C (home brewed), Joint Formula and Horsetail herb in apple cider base. In addition, I give him the Hawthorn Berry Syrup for his heart (1 tsp 2x/day) and another heart protective herbal combination which contains motherwort, ginger, garlic and some other herbs. I give him the heart herbs because mitral valve heart disease runs in the breed (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) and by the time they're 10 years old, the statistics say that 100% of them will have it.

Well, Smokey is a different dog. I have heard comments from many people who know him and they all say they are amazed at his transformation. He is alert, he is no longer lethargic, he is running loops around my yard and playing with my second dog which he never did before. He is also interested in interacting with me - which he never really did before. He is playing tug of war games with my 2nd dog who is twice his size and he was winning. He was pulling the larger dog across the yard this weekend, imagine the strength he has in those back legs to do that. When Smokey used to run, it appeared that he was running sideways - now when he runs his legs seem to be straight. He also stands on his back legs now. I caught him standing on his back legs and trying to steal a candy bar off of one of the shelves in the pantry last week. And, he has been caught jumping on my sofa a couple of times - which he never did before.

I also realized that his loud snoring has completely stopped!. He used to snore all day long even when he was at rest. I used to have to move his head in different directions to try to make him more comfortable and to ease the snoring. I think the Heart Syrup helped this. Anyway, I am thrilled with his progress and plan to keep him and his 4 legged brother on their herbal regimen - they're doing great. Regina"

Please email us with your success stories.

Have a great month!

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