Cleanse & Nourish So Your Body Can Heal

Understanding why cleansing is helpful in people suffering from Depression, PMS & ADD/ADHD

Have you noticed that it seems that the answer to most health problems is to cleanse the body and change the diet??? Are we "getting it" yet?? My sister who is 33 and suffered from numerous health problems for the past few years finally went to a doctor that is having her cleanse her body and change her diet. She compared her diet during her growing up years when she was thin, had beautiful skin and was so healthy and how she has been eating for the past 10 or so years, and it is clicking that food has something to do with her problems today! YAY!! I love her immensely, she has been extremely medically minded, and at least she finally found a doctor that is treating her with nutrition. Hooray for the doctors that are finally learning the lesson too!

Here is how the body cleanses: the toxins go from the blood to the liver, from the liver to the bowels and the urinary tract and out it goes. Hormones, emotions and other toxins are eliminated through the body by the liver - it breaks down all chemicals and either reutilizes them or sends them out through the bile and urine. That is the way the body gets rid of unneeded chemicals. So what happens when the system gets "clogged up"? I think we all know - we don't feel good, we aren't happy and are extremely stressed out. So why is cleansing and diet changes needed for Depression, PMS, ADD/ADHD and other health concerns? People suffering from any of these problems have lots and lots of emotions and if the liver is clogged up then all of those emotions are stuck in the body building up and building up until they explode!! Yeow - I've been there! What a difference in handling life when the body is able to get rid of the unneeded chemicals in the body when it is working correctly. As far as diet - my 13 year old son has ADD/ADHD and we have found diet to be a very huge part of his being able to handle life. Of course at 13 he wants to eat like everyone else, and we bend were we can, but at home we very much avoid sugar and chemical laden food which we have found to be the biggest culprit in causing him emotional problems. I'll be very happy when the day finally comes that he makes the connection between what he eats and how he feels! About a month ago I really noticed that he was quite unhappy - I said to him, why are you always so unhappy? He said to me, Mom, I'm just an unhappy child. Funny thing is, I had started him on the liver cleanse earlier that week and a week later I noticed that he was much happier. Things that would normally upset him like teasing was taken in good grace as most people would - we'll continue doing the liver cleanse on-going to help keep things moving in a more positive manner for him. He still has problems that we are working on, but he's not medicated as so many people predicted and that makes me very happy. He has taken the Mindtrac for 4 years and may end up taking it for many more years, but that is much more preferable to taking the medications that are so commonly prescribed. Go to the

Let's talk about emotions a bit more - through a chemical response when we have an emotion such as anger, hormones are secreted at the moment of the thought of anger, the feeling is felt in the entire body - can you feel it? Again, it's a chemical response in the body, so then when we are not angry any more, the hormones & emotions go to the liver, are neutralized, sent out through the urine or bile - that's the way the body gets rid of chemicals, or thoughts, or emotions, through the liver. The greeks knew this way before they had all the expensive equipment that we have today. Do you know what melancholy means? Black Bile. The Greeks associated depression with a liver problem 2000 years ago! So in order to get rid of PMS what do you need to do? Open up the eliminative channels so that you can get rid of the pent up emotions, because....if your liver can't detoxify these emotions what is it going to do with them? If the liver doesn't have the capacity to take care of the problem it might just release all the chemicals in the body causing the chemical imbalance, hence the PMS. You are getting a chemical response from the liver - it is releasing all the emotions they had all month long to deal with the excess hormones that are released during menstruation.

I have never suffered from long-term depression, only small bouts and can highly recommend the Mindtrac in helping to get through those times. The Cleansing Kit is available at a great savings that contains 4 Lower Bowel Formula, 4 Liver & Gall Bladder Formula, 2 Kidney Formula, 2 Blood Stream Formula. I'm grateful for the Christopher Formulas and hope that others will be able to cleanse & nourish so their bodies can heal.

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