Cleanse & Nourish So Your Body Can Heal

It is sad to hear that Anna Nicole Smith died of an accidental overdose. When she died I assumed that is what happened. I know of many who have died due to the same situation. The body can't deal with all the toxins that come with taking medication. I know a 12 year old girl that died from Tylenol, people die every day from over the counter medications. It is a mistaken notion that if the doctor has prescribed something it is safe, and that over the counter drugs are safe. If the liver is already over-toxed and there is too much medication in the system then people can very easily die. Doing a cleanse at least once a year is great for most people, others on medication should do them more often.

Many people don't understand the importance of a complete body cleanse. I get emails asking which formulas to use for certain problems, and in most cases I suggest a complete cleanse along with formulas to help the ailment they have. In the case of skin conditions such as psoriasis & eczema most people want an ointment that will clear it up. The ointment I would suggest is the Complete Tissue Ointment which helps in many cases, but for a complete healing it is important to go to the root of the problem. Skin conditions many times point to the need of a liver cleansing. I would rather deal with cleansing the liver with the Liver Gall Bladder Formula to clear up a skin disorder now, than to let it go on and have to work on much worse problems in the future.

People seem to get the connection when they are constipated that they need a bowel formula to help get things moving. I have had many people email after getting on the Lower Bowel Formula how great it feels to finally be able to have a bowel movement. A gift I have often given to new mothers is the Kid-e-Reg when I hear that their babies are having a hard time "pooping". It works wonders and the whole household is happy when the baby is happy. I love that the cleansing herbs are available in glycerine extracts, they are quite easy to use on babies and pets. It is harder to recognize when the Blood Stream, Liver or Kidneys need cleansing. We hear of people needing a liver or kidney transplant and it only makes me wonder what the Liver Gall Bladder Formula or Kidney Formula would have done for them.

I caught a cold this past month, which is very rare for me. A cold with the right herbs is manageable, but I just wasn't getting over the hump. I finally decided that I had too much congestion in my system and started taking the Lower Bowel Formula, Liver Gall Bladder Formula, Kidney Formula and the Blood Stream Formula. The next day my cold turned the corner and within a few days was entirely cleared up. I love using these four formulas and they come in a money saving cleanse kit which makes them affordable to keep on hand.

I have had headaches that wouldn't respond to any formula except the Liver Gall Bladder Formula. We have cleared up the kids acne with the Liver Gall Bladder Formula and the Blood Stream Formula. Years ago I was suffering with fibroid tumors and my abdomen hurt all the time, the slightest bump in the tummy was excruciating. I took the Blood Stream Formula and it was a lifesaver for me, taking care of the pain. Traditionally the Blood Stream Formula is a cancer fighting formula. I did end up having the fibroids removed, I took the Black Walnut extract for years to keep my potassium levels up to keep them from coming back.

Often people will get sick when they use the cleansing herbs, this is an indication that they are in need of cleansing. I would start out slowly using the Lower Bowel Formula for a few days, taking 1 capsule twice a day and working up to what ever your body needs. Next I would add the Liver Gall Bladder Formula again just 1 capsule twice a day and work up to 2 capsules three times a day. Add Kidney Formula several days later and after about two weeks add the Blood Stream Formula. Dr. Christopher talks about doing an extended herbal cleanse for people dealing with long-standing health problems, starting with a six month cleanse, taking a month off and going for another six month cleanse until the healing is achieved. Of course, this would include a change in diet and using healing herbs for the condition a person is working on.

I couldn't sleep one night last week due to a backache and it finally dawned on me that I was having kidney pain. I had been to a party that evening and had eaten way too much sugar for me. My kidneys were overloaded and needed help. I took three Kidney Formula capsules and went back to bed. I woke in the morning feeling fine, but quite upset that I had done that to myself. I was grateful to recognize what the problem was and that I had the Kidney Formula to help me cleanse out all that sugar.

Christopher's Cleansing Formulas:

Blood Stream Formula: capsules, extract & syrup

Heavy Mineral Bugleweed Formula: capsules

Kidney Formula: capsules & extract

Liver Transition Formula: capsules

Liver Gall Bladder Formula: capsules & extract

Lower Bowel Formula capsules & extract

Lymphatic Formula: capsules

Male Urinary Tract Formula: capsules

Quick Colon Formula #1: capsules

Quick Colon Powder #2: powder

Western Botanicals Cleansing Formulas:

Blood Cleansing Tea: 4 oz

Blood Detox Formula: capsules, extract & syrup

Colon Cleanse Formula: capsules & syrup

Colon Comfort: capsules

Colon Detox Powder: powder

Colon Detox Formula: 120

Happy Colon Cleanse: capsules

Kidney/Bladder Formula: capsules, extract & syrup

Kidney/Bladder Tea: tea

Liver/Gallbladder Formula: capsules, extract & syrup

Liver Detox Tea: tea

We hope that you will make cleansing a regular part of your routine, it will lead to better health and wellness.

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