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Treating Depression Naturally

We had a nephew die back in September leaving a wife and two small children. The first thought was that he had a heart attack, but a month after the funeral we found out what he really died of. He had suffered from depression for many years and was on anti-depressants. Slowly over time his body was overdosing on the drug, until finally his body couldn't take it anymore and he had a stroke and died. This tragedy didn't need to happen, as many other countless deaths due to prescribed and over-the-counter medications.

Before people resort to prescribed medication we would hope that they would try a more conservative approach, such as a change in lifestyle, diet and nutrition. The balance of neurotransmitters in the brain has a direct link to diet. Many people can benefit by finding the proper balance of carbohydrates, protein & fats including Omega 3 fats, that contribute to the proper balance of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Aerobic exercise has been found to improve depression, plus changing anything in the lifestyle that may be contributing to the problem. Changing the thought pattern can be life-changing - you are what you think, so think positive thoughts!

Clinical trials have repeatedly found St. John's Wort to be as effective in treating mild to moderate depression as prescription antidepressant drugs. Dr. Christopher's MindTrac is one of the best formulas for depression and mental balance, it contains Scullcap Herb, Valerian Root Extract, Oregon Grape Root, St. John's Wort Herb Extract, Mullein Leaves, Lobelia Herb, Gotu Kola Herb, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Sarsaparilla Root, Dandelion Root & Jurassic Green Powder (Organic flash-dried juice powder from Alfalfa, Barley and Kamut Grass).

Most psychiatric drugs are far more dangerous to take than people realize. They have addictive qualities and can produce withdrawal symptoms that are emotionally and physically distressing and even life-threatening. The herbs in MindTrac are formulated to support and heal the body naturally in response to stress.

MindTrac promotes mental clarity with four types of herbs to stimulate, cleanse, calm & nourish your mind and nerves.

Stimulate: St. Johns Wort stimulates the mind due to its active ingredient, hypericin. Hypericin's action is very similar to an antidepressant group known as MAO inhibitors. These inhibitors increase the total number of neurotransmitters as a way to improve the mood. MindTrac mimics these MAO inhibitors so effectively that we strongly advise against combining this herb with any antidepressant drug. (For individuals in transition from drugs to herbs, use the Liver Formula) Two additional stimulants, Gotu Kola and Ginkgo Biloba, increase the blood flow and oxygen circulation to the head. Both of these herbs improve memory, nerve response and mental alertness.

Calm: Mullein and Lobelia are cleansers as well as antispasmodics. They cleanse the blood by helping the lymph and the glandular system. Scullcap and Valerian Root are nervine sedatives and antispasmodics. Besides calming both the nerves and the muscles, they also promote regular and restful sleep.

Cleanse: Science continues to show that the mind and body are connected. In response to stress, the body creates biochemicals which circulate along with the blood. Because the liver is already burdened by pollutants, these "stressful" by-products are less likely to be eliminated quickly. To reduce the burden on the liver, MindTrac contains three herbs - Sarsaparilla, Dandelion and Oregon Grape Root to cleanse the blood and to stimulate liver detoxification.

Nourish: A food base of Jurassic Green supports the body's nutritional need with magnesium, calcium and other trace minerals from flash dried organic Alfalfa, Barley and Kamut Juice.

I was so amazed at what this formula did for me from the first time I took it. I went from falling into bed after getting the kids off to school, to being able to handle life. I've been taking it off an on for five years now and can't imagine life without it when I need it.

We had an interesting occurrence in our family starting in August of last year. I had awakened my daughter for a phone call on a Sunday morning, and when I went to her room two hours later found her on the floor and unresponsive. I was not able to awaken her, nor was my husband. It was a very frightening experience. We ended up calling 911, the paramedics came and they were not able to get her to wake up as well. The police officers searched her room for drugs, which I guess is the most common reason for this type of problem, no drugs were found, which we knew wasn't the problem. They took her to the hospital where they ran tests while she slept for three hours. After that time the doctor felt that it was an emotional response and that she would wake up if we sat her up and got her out of bed, which she did. She was pretty disoriented and didn't have a clue as to where she was and what had happened. I felt that if it was emotional, it was due to not getting enough sleep and having too much going on in her life. I started making her a fruit smoothie in the morning spiking it with the Adrenal Formula, since she had refused to take any herbs. you know how kids are!! Things were fine for her for about six weeks until it was getting cooler in the morning and she didn't want the fruit smoothie any more. I confessed to spiking her smoothie and asked her to please take the Adrenal Formula, which she refused. She did fine for a few weeks until some new episodes started happening. She was getting head to toe body pains, blacking out and having her mind freeze up on her. This was frightening as well, and I was wondering if she was developing Fibromyalgia or some other disease, along with emotional problems We ended up taking her to the doctor again for a diagnosis, since she wouldn't talk to me, again, you know how teenagers can be. After she talked to the doctor for some time I joined her and the doctor came in with some anti-depressants. My daughter agreed that she would take them, and of course after leaving I told her she was not!!! She refused to do anything for a few days, while still having the episodes, we as parents finally told her that she had to take the herbs or she was no longer driving. Under protest she started taking the herbs. I gave her the MindTrac along with the Adrenal Formula, since I felt that the true cause of the problem was tied to the Adrenal shutdown. Her emotions were quite out of whack, and I was really extremely worried about what was going on in her head. Several weeks after taking the MindTrac and Adrenal Formula she finally came back to normal, not having suffered from any of the episodes since she began the herbs. Come to find out she had had other "sleeping" episodes while with friends where they would just let her sleep. She hasn't had any of those episodes as well. I am really grateful at how quickly the herbs were able to stabilize and correct the situation in her body. Had she taken the anti-depressants she would still be on them, and most likely would continue on them for years not knowing when she didn't need them anymore. At this point she is taking just one Adrenal Formula and one MindTrac in the morning and at night and doing just great. She will be graduating in a few months and going off to college three hours from home. I don't think this would be happening without the herbs.

I wonder if our nephew really needed the anti-depressants all these years, and how different his life would have been had he tried the natural approach to begin with. He could still be with us today.

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