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Stopping Heart Attacks & Strokes

One herb that is a must to have around for times of emergency is Cayenne - in either bulk or extract. My 88 year old grandmother lives with us and called me the other night saying that she was having a heart attack. I went running down the stairs with the Cayenne extract, squirted two squirts into a glass of water and had her drink it down. She laid down to rest for about half an hour and when she got up she said she felt fully rejuvenated and felt like it had never happened. I left the Cayenne extract by her bedside so that it was closeby if she needed it again. A teaspoon of the powder mixed in water will work as well. Cayenne taken in this manner is hot, but the unpleasantness will go away in a few minutes. The 40,000 hu. is suffiecient for medicinal purposes, but hotter cayenne is available for those who can handle it. Capsules are available for daily maintenence use for those that don't want to enjoy the taste, but for emergencies use the powder or extract.

It is important for everyone to learn how to take care of themselves and their families. This scenario could have been quite different had I not known what to do to stop the heart attack. Another thing to note is that cayenne will stop a stroke as well as stop the damage from strokes happening. I know way too many people who have died or been otherwise affected by strokes. A bottle of Cayenne extract will fit easily in a purse or pocket, well worth it to have it if needed.

Dr. Christopher talks about Cayenne stopping bleeding and shock, as well as treating ulcers, high blood pressure and asthma. Learn more about Cayenne in at the Herbal Legacy website. or on his Herb Lecture CD's. These are great to listen to in the car or while working around the house - I love to hear his stories in his own voice & words. Stories are a great way to learn and make it easy to remember, so that when something happens it will just pop into your memory what to do.

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