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What's in your Herb Cabinet?

I love Dr. Christopher's Formulas, they are the best. I started taking Dr. Christopher's Formulas 14 years ago. After using them for about a year I decided to try some of the other brands out there and did so for about two years. I ended up coming back and staying with Dr. Christopher's Formulas, because they work better than any of the other brands that I tried. My interest in herbs came about because of what has happened to me using conventional medicine. At 19 I had a hyperthyroid, I was given the choice of surgery or radioactive iodine in order to kill off part of my thyroid and chose the radioactive iodine. Bad choice, not that surgery would have been better. That one decision has dictated my health since that time. I am 44 years old, never been pregnant, had numerous female related problems, rheumatoid arthritis, eye problems, etc. Often when I am researching one of my health problems it always mentions the thyroid connection. The good thing that came out of it is that I have been able to help other family members not make the same mistake. Both my sister and aunt are doing well using the Thyroid Maintenance Formula along with the Glandular Formula to regulate their thyroids, and their thyroid levels are right where they need to be. The thing that people need to keep in mind is that doctors will treat problems often by removing them such as tonsils, uterus (hysterectomy), gall bladders, etc. Many times people find that they are never be the same after removal of body parts.

We have also helped our ADD son - he's 14 now and takes herbs for the problems he deals with. He's also oppositional/defiant, which is quite a roller coaster ride for his family, but through the diet and herbs he is progressing nicely. We went through quite a few meetings with teachers throughout the years trying to get us to medicate him, even to the point that they would pay for the appointments with the psychologist. We had a meeting with the psychologist and when I told him that we use herbs and weren't going to stop he refused to work with us......lucky us!!

Don't get me wrong, I like doctors, they are helpful in coming up with a diagnosis, but after diagnosis I like to treat with herbs. When ever we go to the doctor they usually have to get our records out of the basement, because it is years between visits. Doctors are "practicing" medicine, and I can "practice" herbal remedies on myself and family as well. I hope that people will take advantage of some of the ways of learning about herbs that are available. There is a lot of information on the Herbal Legacy website, as well as the free CD with a $50.00 order at Herbs First.

Also available is Dr. Christopher's Herbal Lectures on CD available at Herbs First. The School of Natural Healing has a great home study courses from Family Herbalist to Master Herbalist. A limited number of Scholarships are available from The Dr. Christopher Memorial Scholarship Fund. These are partial and half tuition scholarships. Scholarships are awarded based on the applicant's service to his/her fellow men and according to the applicant's financial needs. If you qualify, this would be a great way to gain some additional herbal knowledge.

A neighbor stopped me in the store on Saturday asking if I had anything for Gall Bladder problems, she came by later for the Liver-Gall Bladder Formula. When I talked to her at church the next day she said how grateful she was to have it. She has been in pain for quite some time and was able to take the Liver Gall Bladder Formula and have it relieve the pain quickly, even in the middle of the night, for a good nights rest. Another neighbor wanted something for her daughter's cramps, she went home with the Female Reproductive Formula & the Hormonal Changease and reports after two weeks her period started and she was doing much better. The formula catalog page is a nice easy reference to the formulas. Order a bottle or two of something you don't already have every time your order to get your supply up for emergencies, your family will thank you!

Back to what's in your medicine is wise to have a variety of things on hand, so that when the need arises situations can be handled. Here are some of the formulas that I like to keep on hand. Lower Bowel, Liver Gall-Bladder, Immune System, Lymphatic, Kidney, Adrenal, Bee Power Energy, Complete Tissue, Herbal Eyebright extract & capsules, Herbal Calcium (I actually like to use the Calc Tea powder and add it to my Jurassic Green), Immucalm, Joint, Lung & Bronchial, Memory Plus, Mindtrac, Relax-Eze, Sinus Plus, Slumber....hummm the list is getting big. Some of the single herbs that I like to have are Slippery Elm Bark powder, Cranberry, Cayenne, Dandelion, Echinacea, Ginger, Lobelia & Garlic. I think you should be able to see that it is good to have quite a few things on hand, so you can handle whatever situation may arise.

We just finished remodeling our house - here's a picture of my new herb cabinet. The top shelf has many of the extracts that I have made myself, it is a very rewarding thing to do.

To purchase Dr. Christopher's Original Herbal Formulas, books, CD's & videos visit our friends at Herbs First.

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To purchase Dr. Christopher's Original Herbal Formulas, books, CD's & videos visit our friends at Herbs First.

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