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More on Hormones & Liver Cleansing

Last October I had some blood work done to check on my hormones. I have been taking the Hormonal Changease for the past year because I was noticing changes coming on (refer to the Hormones Anyone newsletter for more information). The blood work told me that my hormones were right on, which makes me quite happy. I felt fine until December when I started having a few more "hot flashes" so I decided to add a capsule of Dong Quai in the morning and evening along with the Hormonal Changease and it balanced me out beautifully. Dong Quai is a traditional herb commonly used by women in China and Japan to treat women's problems. I've been using the Hormonal Changease & Dong Quai together for nine months now and am very pleased with the results.

The same time that the blood work was done the Nurse Practitioner told me that my liver numbers were a bit off and insisted that I go to a doctor. I told her I would take liver cleansing herbs and would be fine. She insisted that I needed to go immediately. Going to the doctor is not what I like to do, so for seven months I used the Liver-Gall Bladder Formula as well as the Liver Transition Formula and some Heavy Mineral Bugleweed formula. I went to the doctor in June to get my thyroid tested and gave the doctor the results of the blood tests from October and asked him about the liver numbers. He asked me if I had been exposed to Hepatitis. I had been in August or September when a cousin came and visited us. He drew the blood and had me come back the next week. When I went back the numbers were all normal. Truthfully, I was a bit worried when he asked about Hepatitis, but since I felt fine I didn't worry about it. I really wonder what would have been said if I had gone to him in October. I'm very grateful that we use herbs and that everything was fine.

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