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What are you feeding your Immune System?

What are you feeding your immune system? Everything that goes in your mouth is affecting your immune system, if you are sick all winter it may be time to make a change in your diet. Although I don't strictly follow the Dr. Christopher's Mucusless Diet, I follow it close enough that I don't get sick even once last year. That wasn't always the case, and it took quite a few years of working on it to get my immune system that strong.

When my son Kyle was a toddler, he was sick three weeks and well for two days all winter long. He's adopted and I can only wonder what his birth mother was eating those nine months she was pregnant. It honestly took two years to bring his immune system up to the point where he became our healthy one, at seventeen he's healthier than any of his friends. The formula that I used was Dr. Christopher's famous Anti-Plague, now called Super Garlic Immune Formula in the Christopher line of herbs. Western Botanicals has their own version as well at a little lower cost. Kyle would take the Anti-Plague every day he was well, and more when he was sick. What a trooper, because this stuff really doesn't taste very pleasant, but what a great formula to have when you need it.

I have a little four year old nephew who is having the same problems that Kyle had and unfortunately he can't handle the Anti-Plague, which is the case with a lot of people. There are some other good formulas that are helpful, but we need to do with him what we did with Kyle, give him something every day to build his immune system. He really likes the Immune Boost Syrup from Western Botanicals, but the problem with this formula along with Christopher's Kid-e-Mune is that they have Echinacea in them and the body needs a break from Echinacea every three weeks. These are great for people that need a boost during the winter season, but they aren't good ones for long term everyday use over three weeks. I am making a new formula for him to take that contains Astragalus, Siberian Ginseng, Pau D'arco Bark & Suma Root. These are great immune boosters and I am making it in a base of glycerine & honey which really makes it tasty. It is really fun to be able to make my own formulas when I can't find something premade that will work, and it will be a great one to use for three week intervals between the Immune Boost Syrup. You can learn how to make extracts and syrups on the Cleanse Nourish Heal site, and Herbs First has a huge amount of single bulk herbs to select from for making your own herbal formulas.

Here is a list of the great infection fighting and immune boosting herbs & formulas. I like to keep quite a variety of herbs & formulas on hand for time of need:

Single Herbs:

Astragalus - capsules, extract, bulk

Echinacea - capsules, extract, bulk

Garlic - capsules, extract, oil, bulk

Siberian Ginseng - capsules, extract, bulk

Pau D'arco Bark - capsules, extract, bulk

Reishi Mushroom - capsules

Suma Root - capsules, bulk

Dr. Christopher Formulas:

Cold Season Immune Formula - capsules

Glandular System Formula - the oil or ointment is great on the neck glands, internally with the capsules along with other immune boosting formulas

Immune System Formula - capsules

Kid-e-Mune - extract

Kid-e-Well - extract

Lung & Bronchial - capsules & extract

Infection Formula - capsules

Super Garlic Immune Formula (Anti-Plague) extract & syrup

Western Botanicals Formulas:

Anti-Plague capsules or syrup

Echinacea & Goldenseal capsules, extract or syrup

Echinacea Combination - extract or syrup

Flu & Virus Formula capsules or syrup

Herbal Super Tonic capsules or vinegar extract

Herbal Throat Spray - Honey & Glycerine

Immune Boost - capsules, extract or syrup

Immune Virus Tea - bulk

Lungs Plus - extract

Nature's 'C' Complex - capsules

My favorite breakfast is a glass of two fresh squeezed oranges, I add 4 oz. of water to this, a heaping teaspoon of Jurassic Green, scoop of Bountiful Blend, a heaping teaspoon of Calc Tea, half teaspoon of Ginkgo and a heaping teaspoon of Spirulina.  I also eat mostly raw food until dinner, which has got to be an added help to my good health. You are what you eat - if you don't like how you feel then it may be time to look at diet. It takes time and honestly I am still working on improving my diet and it has taken me a long time to get where I am.

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