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Priceless Gifts - Learning how to make your own extracts and syrups

Have you ever received a gift that was so rare that it was absolutely priceless?? My parents received such a gift back in 1965 when my two year old sister was in the hospital with the croup. An older man that my father worked with gave them comfrey extract that he had made and my parents agreed to give it to my sister. My sister got well and my Mom got the recipe for making the comfrey extract as well as a root to plant in our yard. That plant followed us from Utah to California, South Carolina and Washington and was shared with many friends along the way. Part of that original plant is now in my yard as well as the yards of my sister, cousins, uncles and many of my friends. It is amazing to think about how many lives that one plant has blessed in the last forty years.

I never followed my mom's recipe for making comfrey extract because she made the alcohol extract and didn't realize that the root should be strained off after it was done. All of us kids could never stand taking it with the chunks, though we did, but now when I make it I prefer to do a glycerine syrup, it tastes so much better than the alcohol extract did and without the chunks is easier to get down. Directions follow for making Alcohol & Glycerine extracts as well as syrups.

Alcohol Extracts

In the book Herbal Preparations and Natural Therapies by Debra St. Clair; Debra states as a general rule for dried plant tinctures to use 100 proof vodka, which is 50% distilled water and 50% alcohol. For every 4 oz. of dried herb use 16 oz. of menstruum (alcohol). In using fresh herb, such as the fresh comfrey root that my mom made it is best to use a stronger alcohol such as Everclear because of the water content in fresh herbs. Debra St. Clair suggests 1:1 weight of herb vs. alcohol, such as 8 lbs. of fresh herb to 8 lbs. (1 gallon) of alcohol or 1:2 ratio such as 4 lbs. of fresh herb to 8 lbs (1 gallon) of alcohol. Blend the fresh herb in a blender with the alcohol. Maceration procedure for tinctures is as follows: Put finely cut, blended or powdered herbs in a wide mouth jar in the quantity specified by the formula above, pour over the appropriate amount of alcohol and close jar tightly. Shake 2 - 3 times a day for a minimum of 14 days. At the end of fourteen days pour the liquid through cheesecloth and then squeeze as much liquid as possible from the herb. If a double strength extract is desired, then begin the process using the same amount of herbs as before, and the extract. At the end of 14 days filter the herb from the extract. I like to use a coffee filter to remove any of the remaining particles and then store in dark brown bottles marking the name of the extract and date made. Store in a cool dark place. The great thing about alcohol extracts is the shelf life is indefinite.

Glycerine Extracts

Debra St. Clair has a recipe for making glycerine extracts; use 4 oz. of dried herb, 1 pint vegetable glycerine and 11 ounces distilled water. Mix glycerine and water, add the herb and stir well. Cap container tightly and agitate daily for 14 days. Strain, press & store in amber colored bottles.

I also like to make syrups and the fact that makes them so great is that if you need it today, you can make and use it today. Here are the directions:

Glycerine Syrups

This is the recipe I learned from The School of Natural Healing; Start by soaking the herb in enough distilled water to cover it, for four hours, overnight if it is a root. After soaking, add more distilled water so that the total added equals 16 oz. water per 4 oz. of herb. Use a multiple of these amounts for larger batches.

Simmer the herb on very low heat in a covered pan or double boiler for thirty minutes. Then strain the liquid into a clean pan. Put the liquid into a double boiler or on very low heat uncovered and simmer it down to one-fourth of the original volume of liquid which in the case of using 4 oz. of herb to 16 oz. of water simmer down to 4 oz. of liquid.

Add vegetable glycerine - the same amount as the liquid (4 oz in the example above). Bottle in dark bottle, keep the large amount refrigerated and a small bottle out for daily use - use in two years. Note: Use only stainless steel or glass pans.

The above recipe is one of the steps to making the Anti-Plague Recipe, so if you can do that, then you can make Anti-Plague.

I like to look for the highest quality organic and wildcrafted herbs available to insure pesticide and herbicide free products. Many of the single bulk herbs are available in both cut & powder, as well as some whole, ground and sliced herbs. For making any of the above I would stick with the cut herbs.

Learning how to make extracts and syrups will be a priceless gift you can give to yourself and your family. Being able to make extracts is a great skill to learn, since the FDA does not allow some herbs to be sold as a finished product. I feel good knowing that I can make my own extract of any herb that I feel is safe for my family to use.

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