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    I always enjoy hearing customer experiences and if you know me, I love pet stories.  Whenever people ask me what to do for their pets, I always say that I would treat my pet the same way I would treat myself for any given problem. When you read the two below stories, keep in mind that this works for people as well.

Dear Kathryn
    Whilst I was emailing you with my cataract questions I thought I would say how VERY pleased I am with the Black Ointment.  From the moment I applied it to my cat's malignant tumor, it began to heal and is now about 50% reduced in size.  And the cat feels much better and has a much better appetite!!!
    Just some details on the above.  My cat is 14 years old and was diagnosed with a fibro-sarcoma tumor on her lower lip plus some involvement with the gums inside her mouth.  It is ugly and continued to grew larger, spreading from the far right side of her mouth to the far left side, almost completely closing her mouth.  The only viable option for keeping her alive was surgery which would  remove half of her jaw. 
    Just in time, I found the ointment and am spreading the good news.  Plus, it is easy to apply.

Hi Kathryn,
    I thought you would be interested in knowing this.  Do you remember our conversation about my dog with bad arthritis and luxated patellas?  I think the last time we spoke I mentioned that my dog could no longer get up and down stairs (he couldn't even jump up on a 4" high stoop) and he could put absolutely NO weight on his back legs at all.  My holistic vet was at a loss to help him anymore - we tried everything and nothing seemed to help.  We even tried bee venom injections.
    Update:  I have him on the the herbs that Dr. Christopher recommended for arthritis and he is a new dog.  For his arthritis I have him on the BF&C (home brewed), Joint Formula and Horsetail herb in apple cider base.  In addition, I give him the Hawthorn Berry Syrup for his heart (1 tsp 2x/day) and another heart protective herbal combination which contains motherwort, ginger, garlic and some other herbs.  I give him the heart herbs because mitral valve heart disease runs in the breed (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) and by the time they're 10 years old, the statistics say that 100% of them will have it.
    Well, Smokey is a different dog,  I have heard comments from many people who know him and they all say they are amazed at his transformation.  He is alert, he is no longer lethargic, he is running loops around my yard and playing with my second dog which he never did before.  He is also interested in interacting with me - which he never really did before.  He is playing tug of war games with my 2nd dog who is twice is size and he was winning.  He was pulling the larger dog across the yard this weekend, imagine the strength he has in those back legs to do that!  When Smokey used to run, it appeared that he was running sideways - now when he runs his legs seem to be straight.  He also stands on his back legs now.  I caught him standing on his back legs and trying to steal a candy bar off of one of the shelves in the pantry last week. And, he has been caught jumping on my sofa a couple of times - which he never did before.
    I also realized that his loud snoring has completely stopped!.  He used to snore all day long even when he was at rest.  I used to have to move his head in different directions to try to make him more comfortable and to ease the snoring.  I think the Heart Syrup helped this.  Anyway, I am thrilled with his progress and plan to keep him and his 4 legged brother on their herbal regimen- they're doing great.
    Thought you would like to know.


    It warms my heart to read these great stories, I’m sure all of you pet lovers out there will agree how wonderful it is to see how well these great formulas work on animals.  We used herbs for many years on our dog, it was sad to lose him at 13 years of age a little over a year ago.  We now have a beagle/springer spanial mix dog that has stolen our hearts away.   I'm sure over the coming years we will be using herbs to treat her as well.  
Suzy & Elaina
    Here is a picture of our dog Suzy watching over our great niece Elaina.  We had the privilege of taking care of Elaina and big brother Ben for two weeks while their mom Hollie recovered from an illness.  It was great to see how Suzy took to the kids - she followed Ben around the neighborhood as he rode his bike and played with the neighbor kids.  She would sit by baby Elaina and make sure she was ok.  Little Elaina is still on oxygen and monitors, I think Suzy knew she needed a "Nanna" to make sure she was ok.  

    Back to humans - we have been working with our little five year old precocious nephew for the past few years.  I think the hardest part about treating kids is consistency, as life is busy and it isn’t always easy to do what we know we need to do.  We have been using Western Botanicals Attention Calm and it wasn’t doing what we wanted it to, so added Attention Focus.  Keep in mind the consistency of dosage was hit and miss - mostly miss.  This morning I mentioned to his mom, Hollie to just try Attention Focus this week and see what that does for him.  She gave him two doses before preschool - I take him since Hollie is home with little Elaina, when I picked him up from school his teacher said you won’t believe how he was today - I was thinking a bit wild as usual, when she said he was great.  I then did a little grocery shopping for Hollie getting Ben back home two hours later, having had the most enjoyable time with this little guy in a long time.  Attention Focus is the formula that finally made the difference in my son Kyle’s life, I have recommended it to several neighbors for their kids who are doing much better in school as well.  I’m really thinking at this point that this is a miracle formula.  I wish that I had had it when my son was five, and it will be interesting to see in the coming months if it will continue to be the answer for this busy little boy. 

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